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What Wolf had to do with 2 Fair Info

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What Wolf had to do with 2 Fair Info

I grew up in a family of a serial entrepreneur, we had forestry business, demolishing business, made one of the best craft beers in the area and even sold fish. When in University, I knew that I own it to my father to give a shot at the entire thing working for myself. This is how 2 Fair Info came to be. More like trying to create something from the blank sheet when “the entire world is trying to shut you down” quote from Elon Musk fits very well here. But as I was choosing my career, it was clear that it would have to be marketing. Most of the time my father was excellent in starting companies, but always had issues scaling. Out of all academic routes marketing seemed to be most challenging, (barrier of entry), most rewarding (agency fees and performance remuneration) and most fun (thank god I don’t drink because there are so many events). As I take pride in my work, I had to be methodical and careful what exactly I am going to have on my business cards hopefully for a good while. Call it unnecessary, but if marketing agency have to pay someone to design their logo and it represents nothing, probably creative pride is not present.

Wooden Beer Kegs

Red Bull Inspiration

When it started to become more clear in my head what kind of organization I want to create, and long research stage started, I had plenty to prepare even without running an actual company. From the beginning, I knew that if everything works well, I not only want to create a business, but also a brand. The logo has to have very deep meaning allowing to talks hours about why, how it would look on merchandise, products, consumer goods, and even food. At a time I was studying RedBull origins where I find out that they are nothing else (it’s an understatement of course) but a marketing company who eventually graduated into publishing (content) agency. They produced nothing, distributed nothing and sold nothing. They only worked on making sure that every single soul in the world would associate the brand with power, flight and everything extreme.

Red Bull Winter event ski race

University Project Animal

An idea was born; what if I put so much effort into choosing my logo? What if I have a list of brand attributes that can be used in promotion, sales, training, used for creative briefs. At that stage, I was about to finish my last year at the University of Limerick and as part of Business Strategy needed to learn how one representative from the animal world has adapted to the environment. Maybe for motivation, our lecturer said that it would help us for the rest of our lives. I respected the man and took the project seriously. My chosen animal was a wolf. Apex predator with a clear hierarchy and defined roles within pack using its advantage to take over much bigger prey. Only later I realized that it also related to our university team animal as well.

University of Limerick birds-view summer

Building organization as a pack

How right he was, it fit me, and hence the company culture I had in mind perfectly. Not hunting for pleasure, choosing the least path of resistance and able to restore the environment to its equilibrium by removing weak elements that damage the entire gene pool of the herd. Wolf is a pack animal but perfectly ok by itself, he loves offspring, and everyone in a pack equally contributes to raising and educating young ones. One of the advantages of the pack is the ability to communicate clear messages over long distances. Howling wolf calling for a pack became the perfect representation of that I was planning to achieve; call my pack together. Other creatives that are strong on their own, but looking for a group to join, even if temporarily. Allow my customers use our ability to communicate your message using least path of resistance and win against competition being there their enemies are not (that’s SunTzu influence). Did you know that wolves move Alpha out of CEO position always for the best of the pack and old leaders just change their rank and not necessarily removed from the pack? As long as you are fit to be the leader, you will be a leader, but every single pack member can take your place. It’s not a weakness to have a strong group; only weak are afraid of competition.


Thank You For Refusal

Logo covered, not the name. Not knowing that it is going to be I registered the domain 2fair.info nobody gave me Irish domain and .com was too expensive. But then I thought, it actually fits. Using numerics and letters is suitable for a technological brand. Something I learned while studying in South Korea, and as time went started to have a better explanation why 2 Fair Info. Fair because this is how I saw the world, do no evil, be good to others, compassionate, don’t cheat. 2 Fair because if needed to protect myself or someone dare to me, I will and company will do everything within reason to survive. Fair does not mean weak, Fair can be related to the company colors and is one of the few words in English that have multiple meaning that all somehow tied into my brand. And info outlived the domain. I even did some market research, and most of the respondents were able to tell that company with such a name have to do something with publishing (content). In university, I had my corporate placement with a business that did not relate to the company at all. It was very hard service to market.

As a closing statement, I would like to thank my lecturer, for having my totem animal and my younger self for taking that task seriously. And now I am standing on the top of the hill looking at the full moon and calling for other wolves to join my pack.

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