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Why Working in a Start-up is the Best Experience a Business Graduate Can Get

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Why Working in a Start-up is the Best Experience a Business Graduate Can Get
For starters I admire Corporate, I do! I am not saying it to make someone happy, or kiss some ‘assets. Corporates did “something” right to get to where they are. I would love to work in Corporate someday, but now I want to address the importance of working in a Start-up particularly right after graduation.

1. Learning continues in a Start-up

In the very first week of work, I quickly realized that my knowledge (with all respect and gratitude to my University) is not worth much. What I know and what I have learned is that University curriculum is too broad and often outdated. The speed at which I process learning after three weeks was crazy. Not taking into account what I needed to learn for my role as Inbound Marketing Chief, often I have to thoroughly test at least one new app or software per day. The company is growing, and everyone understands that there is no such thing as “complete knowledge” of something. Therefore all is needed is an SFD (Shitty First Draft), and off you go to test it.

2. More responsibilities lead to rapid growth

With few managers to provide me with training, I have simply had to adapt to learning on the go. There are an unlimited amount of information available online, and all of which is free, you can do courses, get certifications, accreditations and diplomas on almost everything, ranging from behavioral psychology to inbound marketing basics.

In two weeks I conquered Mailchimp; synched it One Page CRM; generated web forms with Wufoo and watched reports on Google Analytics. At the end of my first month, I was writing my first blog article. There is now no other way than forward, and you too can go forward.

3. Networking

Without significant networking efforts, Start-ups would not survive. BlueChief CEO Shane McCarthy said, “A CEO’s job is to spot gaps in knowledge, and fill these gaps with the right people”. Business Graduates need experiential learning while Start-ups need a person to fill every role. To supplement all extensive network of seasoned specialists available whether it is an SEO guru pushing 100k worth of AdWord campaigns or an E-Mail marketing Yoda who has to buy into his email client because current tools were behind his capabilities and imagination. Social media networking is another phenomenon, hats off to twitter community for sharing connections and information.

4. Sky is the limit

The cherry on top is the ‘gamble aspect.’ What if the company I am working with is going to be the next big thing? The product is excellent, the team is incredibly talented and motivated I would compare the chance of winning to that of the card counting blackjack player. New business models are openly shared online within tightly knit entrepreneur communities fuelling the growth of each member (with proven record), and I see no reason why the company I work for cannot be the next big thing. And most importantly, they have achieved their success to-date without any outside investment.


5. 1 years’ worth of stories in a month

Because Start-ups are a continuous learning experience with many turns, including hustling for money and growth, I have quickly understood that it is going to be one hell of the ride. You see instant results from your work, and as a bonus, you get an opportunity to consider all the potential project possibilities, which inevitably with the blink of an eye allows failure thus allowing the exquisite projects to come to the top.

Last year I had the first interview in five years interviewer asked “what did I do as a marketer”. I struggled to answer, and believe me I did a lot of “marketing,” but when you are in an encouraging positive team who appreciates you and helps you in your journey, you start to understand your value.

However, failure is a process which for the sake of development is the best thing that can happen to a young professional. “Failure makes you stronger” or as the Chinese proverb says “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

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