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The Trend of Ugly, What about your sneakers?

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The Trend of Ugly, What about your sneakers?

Since December 2017, we assist in new trend coming through here, the return of 90’s trend. The 90’s vibe seems to take over this year. In fact, many things like the banana bag, bandana, old denim jacket (rock and roll baby), leather pants are in now. Even though things like a denim jacket and leather jacket are timeless pieces, they always come back with some little twist.

Indeed we can see it everywhere, you just have to walk into the store Zara, Mango, Riverisland or online with Asos, PrettyLittleThing and of course at the Designers.

In fashion, everything comes and go no matter what, so this is not a surprise but we are really happy, because that trend make us smile, reminds us about the past. In our memories, it was a time where everything was simple, easier and fun. I think that was the idea of fashion designers; to bring us back our childhood and our innocence.


From the past

As I said, this trend is from the past, so just remembers about your childhood, and maybe the childhood of your parents (if you’re younger). Do you remember that pair of white trainers, the Fila ones or maybe those blue sneakers named Requin by Nike?  Yes! that one that you wear with your salopettes at the family event. Embarrassing right? But in the past, everyone wore them, and even the stars like the band Spice Girls. I’m sure that many other girls though they were cool too, not just me.

It is crazy how much just one thing can wake up your memories, the good ones of course. Me for example, writing this article I can’t stop smiling because I am reminded of myself dancing at the NSync song, screaming more than singing Britney and JLo song’s, trying to follow the choreography of The Destiny’s Child. Of course, I remember myself watching the video of Spice Girls and the song “Do you wanna be” and I badly wanted their style which was a crop top tee and that freaking super cool sneakers. Yeah, good memories, just playing marbles and skipping rope at school, drinking some Fruit Shoot, ah life was so simple. Oh speaking about Fruit Shoot, even that came back like other candy, milkshake ect…. This is really true, life is an eternal cycle.

How to explains the daddy shoes trend?

The 90’s style is really trendy now and has changed in many ways, it could be for clothes, for shoes and specifical sneakers as the main topic of my article, or for a bag like a shoulder bag that you can see everywhere in the street.

The ‘Daddy Shoes’, this is the other name given to those sneakers that look like they’re too big for you. The term seems to come from your daddy’s ugly Sunday shoes lol. But why? In the 90’s most working men wore suits in the office and opted for more casual style at home. Remember those blue Levi’s Jeans and white trainers, and the perfect archetype to describe that is Hal, Malcolm’s father from the TV Show.

Now every it girl wants and wear them, and in the big cities like London, Paris,  New York, Milan etc.., the Ugly Shoes are the new Stan Smith, We can see that by the appropriation  few examples from the blog Footwear News about “Celebrities Embracing the ‘Ugly’ Sneaker

From Bella Hadid with Balenciaga Triple S sneakers to Jaden Smith wearing Louis Vuitton spring ’18 sneakers, the two influencers show us how to dress up (with Bella) and dress down this trend.


This trend is worldwide phenomenon, but how that is possible? Let me explain. In the last fashion weeks, all the designers bring  the 90’s vibe back to life. We saw that in the clothes, accessories, bags, makeup, as I said before. So, step by step after the successful return of the banana bag and the white trainers, designers have come a long way by bringing the trend of ugly and the 70’s vibe with the twin set pieces. We saw the Ugly Shoes at the big designer house like Chanel, Louis Vuitton (pic with Jaden Smith) and Balenciaga. But actually, Balenciaga was the first to start this trend. And the phenomenal effect is by the fact that everyone can wear them if they want. Actually, even if you can’t buy the Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton, you can find some good one in the high street stores like Zara, Topshop etc.

Indeed, the most amazing thing is that the forgotten brands like Fils are rising up from the ashes with the Fila Disruptor, not only by the ugly shoe trend but for the return of 90’s vibes. I remember a time when Fils was ‘The Brand’, and, how around the years between 2010 to 2015, only ‘outsiders’ would wear this brand. Nike was for people who love rap or do rap. Nowadays, everyone, from a child to a grandmother, wears sneakers or sportswear.

Every boggler talks about the ugly sneak and shows how to approach the trend. Even magazines like GQ and Elle  made reviews about this trend. Below are the attached links to the articles.


For everyone?

Even though it seemed cool when you saw your favorite it girl or maybe just someone in the street, wear them, I don’t think it is easy to style this trend, because this is such a statement piece. Especially as they said in the magazine Elle Australia  “like anything in fashion, trends never stay still for long”. So, if you want to go for that trend you have to be careful that you don’t look like you wearing your childhood style… Yeah, in fact, you can quickly be unfashionable.

So, my advice if you really want to go for the ugly shoe trend, is to choose simple white ‘ugly sneakers’ like the Fila’s one, with your favorite jeans, and for the bravest of us with some mini skirt / long skirt or a dress. As they said, less is more!

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