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Travelling Solo As a Woman

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Editors Word: I am a vivid solo traveler, I just like it that way. Some of my friends even dubbed me amateur anthropologist, meaning that I love to study local customs, immerse myself into real, unpolished life of the places I visit. Traveling alone allows me to experience the world in a way that would not be possible if I had predetermined path to follow. I am a male tho so I have no idea how challenging and daunting it can be to do it for the ladies. Hopefully, things get better as years go, everyone should have a right to see explore the world on their terms.

Traveling means simply going somewhere, whether new or familiar, overseas or just to a city next to yours. It means for a short of period moving from one exciting place to another, meeting new people and discovering brand new feeling. It is easier than we think. For many of us traveling is a part of our routine. It is thrilling, adventurous, enjoyable and like a tonic to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. Going to different places opens our mind, eyes as well helps us to survive and restore balance. Exploring different places help us to gain new experience and stories. Acquiring this knowledge, we can have a lifelong personal benefit and leg up in the professional world. It is a way to enjoy life and pass the time as well as makes us a happier person. Overall, it is to me having freedom from stress.

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Traveling solo as woman

Solo traveling means one will be alone for her entire vacation. It can be freeing and exhilarating but vulnerable for women. Solo traveling is easy for a male, but for female, it looks odd and scary in the society. Traveling alone as a woman is maybe daunting and often meet with judgment, concerned, and raised eyebrows. It is challenging regardless of our gender. Sometimes we hear horror stories about rape, kidnap, and white slave traffic.
This scenario means the world is a perilous and hazardous place for a solo traveling woman. Each year, young and old, thousands of women travel all over the world on their own. Roaming solo is an exciting prospect and an option to follow our whims. Nowadays, solo traveling has become a trend, but for women, it is very challenging. Maybe a few will tell us brave as well as a few will feel pity. In a word, it’s an incredible chance to be the designer or our adventure.

Packing list for solo woman

The most fun part of travel is packing. It can be a stressing job too. At first, decide what you want to take with you and write down on a page. Maybe the list will be like this for a solo woman traveler:
Travel documents: Bag, passport, train or plane passes and tickets, contact number and health insurance, money, travel journal, map apps or map, emergency phone number, first aid kit, money belt, etc.
Travel clothes: Modest dress, travel tops, two pairs of comfortable shoes, rainproof jacket, two pairs pants and shorts, one swimsuit, four pairs socks and underwear, six shirts, hat, scarf, vest, sleepwear, etc.
Toiletries: Soap, toothbrush/floss/past, shampoo, comb, lotion, Vaseline, sunscreen, female hygiene products, nail clippers, sunglasses, etc.
Electronics Accessories: A pair of headphones, camera, SD cards, mobile, charger, laptop, etc.
I hope this list will be helpful for a solo woman traveler with everything they need.

Minimalist Packing List

Advantages and disadvantage of solo traveling

There are many cons and pros when it comes to traveling solo as a female. In the latest researches, we see that about 58.3 percent women are exploring the world alone. Alone traveling is more flexible than traveling with group or family. It has an enormous advantage. We’re our boss only, as well as the only person we need to worry about ourselves. Freedom is an obvious one. For being alone, we can travel and stay any place as our wish. We don’t have to compromise our choice with anyone. During solo traveling time, we may face many problems; maybe we should need to take some risk and decide which make us braver, stronger as well much more confident.
For women, significant concerns are harassment and theft. Solo traveling’s biggest fear is loneliness and safety. It may exasperate our concerns or makes us anxious. Also, homesickness, culture, and languages are some of the challenges of alone roaming. We should be aware in cities at night. Be aware of our drink, local scam as well as have to keep a close eye on our valuables.

Precautions for a solo woman traveler

Don't talk to strangers poster
Traveling the world is magical, but for a woman, it can raise few problems as well as a little bit fearful and risky too. But if we use a little bit common sense and caution, our trip can be exciting, smooth, safe and fun. For being alert, ensuring a smooth and safety travel, we should follow some simple tricks.
Before traveling research your destination thoroughly to take extra precautions. To get directions use GPS on your mobile. In public event never pull out a map. To avoid a lot of problems, first of all, dress up appropriately and leave jewelry at home. Don’t trust strangers too quickly and avoid making new friends and never accept food or drink from strangers. Keep moving from one place to another as fast as you can. Always keep in touch with your family, close friends, and relatives.
At all-time be aware of your surroundings and leave a trail using social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. for your whereabouts. Before choosing a hotel, be sure about their safety measures. Take a copy of relevant documents such as credit card, passport, identity card. Learn basic self-protection moves course before traveling. At night don’t walk down dark passages, pick light always, walk confidently, don’t try to be over-friendly with a stranger, etc. Above all, in any unexpected situation, never lose your confidence as well as always faith your gut.
Different cultures exist all over the world. As a tourist, respecting the culture of the people is our responsibility. Some residences have modern cultures while other have outdated customs and belief. Getting knowledge about different cultures can be educational and enlightening. Roaming always enriches our knowledge and experience. It’s a great system to develop our horizons as well relax our sense. We will be rewarded by creating healthy choices, collective sense, and having confidence in our capability to travel on our own with amusing knowledge & great stories to tell our friends. Get amazing experience and discover yourself by solo traveling. Have a great happy solo trip!

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