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Editors Word: As we are only starting out, we have a choice to be impartial and try to give a free space for writers to tell their stories. They like us are humans that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances get stuck in a world way bigger than themselves. We promise that every time we bring a story from a place with room for improvement, we try to keep it positive. We won’t aim to be sensational; we just want to be fair.

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Pakistan as we “Know.”

Pakistan, the name often causes some of us to think of theocratic extremists, bearded men speaking in Arabic waving their flags threatening lives and peace and endangering humanity. This conspiracy has been instigated by media and government, exaggerated, misconstrued by the public and this scenario of misinformation blown out of proportion by some hate-mongers which are present in every society and nation on both electronic and print media. The truth, however, speaks to the contrary.
Indubitably Pakistan is a developing country which is facing a multitude of problems like terrorism, illiteracy, corruption, poverty, and overpopulation but the youth has incredible potential and is remarkably talented. It is easy for us to believe what we’re told and turn a blind eye to the struggles of others but that doesn’t mean that false accusations ever turn to facts and this is not to say that progress is turned futile and unproductive. No matter how many words you edit, no matter how many journalists you buy and eyes you shut, the truth has its way of promulgating itself and appears sooner or later with its bright light often blinding its suppressors.

What’s New?

Pakistan has been making progress in all fields especially in IT. In 2015, Pakistan’s population recorded at 188.9 million, 18% of this population are using the internet. Pakistan’s information technology industry has gone through a drastic change over the years. Against all expectations, The IT professionals quickly adapted to the modern technologies prevalent in the industry; they made desirable, reliable and competent products which got popular all around the globe.

Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of Pakistan is responsible for matters relating to the IT industry. It is worthwhile to mention that The World Economic Forum after careful and prudent assessment ranked Pakistan 102nd among 144 countries in the Global Technology report of 2012.

Many Startups are operating from within Islamabad. Here are a few listed to give you an idea of what the sharp and innovative minds in the capital of Pakistan are capable of:

CricFlex Brings Cricket to next level

CricFlex is a wearable technology for cricketers which helps them to improve their game. An arm sleeve, embedded with sensors automatically detects an illegal bowling action displaying the results on a smartphone building upon data by trial and error. CricFlex gives you a quantitative analysis of your bowling action which gives you a clear idea about what you’re doing wrong. It keeps track of arm force, action time and the amount of spin to determine the player performance, consistency, and effort. It is like your training agent who never gets disappointed and incessantly helps you train.

Cowlar Smart Heard Management

Cowlar is another very useful and a very lucrative start-up based in Islamabad. They help dairy farmers make better, more prudent decisions about augmenting their profits and providing better nutrition for their cows. They make a wearable tech neck collar which gathers information relating to real-time temperature and each cow’s behavior and activity levels based on this data. The collar shows very enlightening information which helps the farmers to get high reproduction rates and to prevent malicious diseases which might cause the farmers to endure financial losses and the loss of a very endearing animal. The problems can be detected before they even occur.

Credits: https://cowlar.com

Human of Pakistan Sets Information Free

Human of Pakistan is another start-up which launched after the creation of pages like Human of New York, so perhaps it is not as genuine and as innovative as one might expect start-ups to be. But it is irrefutably one of those platforms which have no ulterior motives and aim at nothing but spreading positivity and effacing the hatred and misconceptions about the country. They are a kind of photo-blog, and they feature stories of the regular, ordinary people. They show us the world through their eyes. HOP gives people the liberty to be themselves when people are given such a privilege, they often reveal about themselves facts which they have hidden for quite a while, facts about them which have always bothered them but they were too intimidated by public opinion. This platform is fortuitous for such people who feel like their struggle goes unnoticed that they are just another ordinary person who’ll be forgotten. Every once in a while we all need to feel a sense of importance and some appreciation for all we go through and all we accomplish. HOP gives you the opportunity to tell the world about yourself.

Powerlytics Market Intelligence

POWERLYTICS is another start-up which helps both small and large business make informed decisions. In the inception it was created for little academic research, it helped some government agencies, but soon the people responsible for its creation realized its true potential. Founders understood that they could make a much larger impact on society as a whole and help people by providing reliable and competent data which can be trusted and acted upon. Like all great things it started out small and faced many difficulties as they found data to be incomplete, inaccurate and of poor quality. This start-up now helps to make business comparisons which are clear and unambiguous. They also support in industry and geography based economic survey. They provide a significant improvement on older methods of data collection and data aggression; these methods were notorious for their inconsistency and lack of critical mass and scarcity of quality control.

Handimatic Smart Cooking

Hāndimatic is another startup which should be commended for its brilliance and the bright idea. They want to minimize the amount of time you spend in cooking food; the result is a very elegantly (in the eye of the engineer) designed product which cooks for you and ascertains that the food is both tasty and savory. Machines have mostly taken over our lives and continue to do so, but it is important not to lose focus on the fact that machines are to take care of us and we are not to take care of devices. Otherwise, they would turn into a nuisance; this product is however remarkably user-friendly. The complex and perplexing task of cooking handled by the capable machine which meticulously controls the quantity and timing of ingredients, they are to be poured in the correct order, temperature, pressure, and stirring. It can also be operated with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and hence is an amenity which is perhaps mandatory for every modern household.

Disclaimer: we tried to find photos with correct licensing but as this is pretty new to our part of the world we could not find anything with appropriate licensing. We added something we are happy to remove if asked by the owner. We just tried to make good news better. 

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