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Snoop Dogg, the ultimate entrepreneur

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Snoop Dogg, the ultimate entrepreneur

We all know Snoop Dogg. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or contemporary adult; this public figure seems to be around all over entertainment business, at least for the last 20 years. And how is this possible with the vertiginous change in the show business, that only changes faster with time? That’s because the rapper has managed to reinvent himself to become the ultimate entrepreneur. Many rap stars venture far from the music as they can’t pivot to fit the needs of the market to stay current. We will try to look for lessons and maybe inspiration from very unlikely source for the business audience, but in the spirit of 2 Fair Info, if there is a story to tell, we have to tell it.

A rough beginning, Snoop’s first years

It’s no secret that Snoop’s first steps were a little bit rough, with drug and gang problems since enlisted in one of the most known gang bands in the city. In his first years, Snoop experimented with the kind of rap that was hot at the moment, going through gangsta rap and southern rap, to whatever new style emerged. So, it was only until late 90’s and after two discs that the “Snoop Dogg” we know today (former Snoop Doggy Dog) came to life.

   The album “No Limit Top Dogg” reunited him with Dr. Dre, a lot of famous rappers and a funky sound. Snoop Dog and his friends rocked the hip-hop scene until their last album together, “Tha Last Meal” on 2000.

   It is important to say that, if music was the principal business for Snoop Dogg at the time, he never stopped participating in all kinds of projects as producer and actor.

Adapting to changes, Snoop climbs to the top

   From 2002 to 2004 Snoop passed for a rough period trying to quit addictions and starting a divorce process. But far away from affecting his career, in 2004 Snoop reunites his old “No Limit” friends and gives birth to “The Masterpiece”. This album brings out the single “Drop it like it’s Hot” featuring Pharrell Williams, which became the first rapper being #1 in “Billboard Hot 100”. The lesson here is that when things get tough, you should look for your real old friends, if they were real they will look after you.

   From that moment, Snoop Dogg diversified more and more his business becoming the ultimate entrepreneur: he appeared in movies like the remake of the tv series “Starsky & Hutch”, comedy roast of now president Donald Trump, video clips, and many other audiovisual projects. If anyone watched the show, you probably remember how the idea of Trump presidency was offered to the viewers. Just a right type early to start long and effective PR campaign. 

He lost money for a video with Britney since she broke her leg and everything got canceled. But it didn’t affect Snoop Dog so much, and that year he created a whole new hip-hop genre by making a remake of the famous “The Doors” song, “Riders on The Storm”. This single came along with the video game “Need for Speed” giving Snoop Dogg a whole new fame level since the game became one of the most played titles around the world. 

   Being a smart businessman, Snoop maintained himself in the show business by featuring and collaborating with any rising star or artist who had fame at the moment. So, we have productions with Akon, Timbaland, R-Kelly and other 2000’s stars, keeping him active in 2006 when he incurred a little bit into politics with “Real Talk”.


   Reinventing himself; adapting to technology and time

   It was in 2007 we realized that Snoop Dogg was far away from disappearing and that he was determined to stay by all meanings. His capacity to understand and grow with technology flashes out when he becomes the first artist to release a single as “Ringtone” before he did as a “single”. The song “It’s the dog” and made history boosting Snoop’s career once again. At the peak of the market sales from the ringtones often superseded the profit from sales of the music, just another example how Snoop pioneered yet another lucrative idea. 

   That same year, Snoop Dogg participated in a Bollywood film proving again that he’s as adaptable as the situation requires. That year’s album entered once again the “Billboard Hot 100” with the song “Sexual Eruption” on the 7th position. Doggy’s smart moves always gave him the right impulse to recover the notoriety in the industry.

   In 2009, Snoop managed to maintain his singing career while developing a managerial career with Priority Records. Even though he achieved to enter on Billboards top list once again, the “Malice n Wonderland” album didn’t reach the position Snoop Dogg wanted, so he released it again as “More Malice”. If you believe in the idea, stick with it until you hundred percent sure it’s exhausted.  

   Nevertheless, music is not the only industry that “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” was submerged in. Caring little about his shape, Snoop Dogg participated actively in the WWE world, having some friendly encounters with many wrestlers including John Cena, and also acting as “Master of Ceremony” and general manager for some other WWE events. Some would say one have to choose the audience, stick with it and specialize, but if there are new markets why leave them empty. 

   A severe death and how Snoop arises despite it

   After collaborations with timely artists like Katy Perry and Dr. Dre, Snoop faced a tough time with the dead of his cousin and also famous rapper Nate Dogg. This event must have touched him very deeply since he dedicated most of that year to realize charities for the family.

   Nevertheless, Snoop didn’t lose the opportunity to release a new album that was a sequel to his 93’ success “Doggystyle”. The album “Doggumentary” published on 2011. That year, he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa in a movie and its soundtrack.


   Snoop Dogg, the ultimate entrepreneur, goes with the flow.

   In the latest years, Snoop Dogg got a little bit away from rap to adapt, once again, to the trends of the moment. In 2012, as rap was going underground and reggae music popularity grew, Snoop decided to change his name and rebirth with a whole new identity: “Snoop Lion” and the album “Reincarnated”.

   It probably meant also a deep inner change for him since he includes deep lyrics in that album explaining why he changed.

   Not being as fructiferous as he expected, the new nickname only lasted one year, and as he did many times before, he changed it and reinvented himself once again. This time, he tried with a funky style, and “Snoopzilla” came to life in 2013 along with the “7 days of Funk” album.

   Since then, Snoop has participated in all kind of concerts (solo and in collaboration), tv shows, WWE events (as MC, manager, and wrestler, even getting to the WWE “Hall of Fame”), etc. Any business he can get his hands on, he’s over it.

   He also collaborated with Youtube in their experimental 360º videos project where all classic Youtube videos where transformed into a 360º format so people could enjoy a “review” alongside the famous artist.

   Finally, Snoop Dogg keeps working as producer and singer while his career seems far away from ending. Almost any enterprise savvy entrepreneur commits with gets successful. By going with the flow, this artist managed to overcome any history change and become Snoop Dogg, the ultimate entrepreneur.

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