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The Real Price of a Diamond

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Not only is a diamond forever, but the memories that come along with it are also everlasting. In the past, the diamond was not as treasured as the other precious stones were. If you look at history books, the crowns of the king and queens were decorated with colored stones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Cleopatra was known for her love of pearls; Princess Diana’s ring was a gorgeous blue Sapphire that is now worn by Duchess of Cambridge. However, in recent history, the popularity of diamonds has risen tremendously, with women proudly showing off their marital status with this beautiful rock. Casually putting their left hand up to their face so that everyone can see the sparkle that shines brightly not only in their eyes but on their finger. From engagement rings to diamond chokers, to studs, or chandelier earrings, this stone has overtaken the industry entirely.

Diamond inside Stone

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1. How Accessible Are Diamonds?

Diamonds come in all different shapes, sizes, and quality, and no two are alike, each diamond is unique not just in their carbon composition but the stories, they carry with them. Since its popularity has risen, diamonds have become available in the highest qualities, but have also been mass produced to be accessible to the general public as well. This makes them even more unique because now so many can buy something of value that they can pass on to generations that will come after them.

The hefty price tag is not the only attribute that a diamond carries, its most important feature is the story that comes along with it. The story that is not written on its grading report or its appraisal. It is the story that one may have heard many times but is still so special, a part of one’s family history that has been told and re-told. In the center of that story, along with passion, romance and struggle is a gem that is unlike any other, a bright diamond.

2. How Long Do They Last?

One of a unique quality about a diamond is that it has not gone down in value since De Beers marketed their slogan. “A diamond is forever.” Unlike houses, cars or any other luxury goods, this particular “investment” has been recession and fire proof. It is not easily destroyed or even damaged, and it is easy to carry around and take wherever you go. It does not tarnish or lose its value, if it does not look up to par, all it needs is a good cleaning, and it will sparkle like new again. It does not age, does not break apart or lose its history. This is where the stories come in of immigrants being able to start their lives in a different country because they could not bring any belongings, but they were able to smuggle a few diamonds that provided a new life for them. These are the wonderful stories that are shared with grandkids when the rings get passed down as new families are formed.

Unlike a wedding dress, a ring can be re-sized and re-designed into something modern that will fit the new bride and will last her a lifetime. Granddaughters can proudly wear a piece of history on their fingers as they start their journey into motherhood and explain to their children why their piece of jewelry is so special and is so unique, and the story continues.

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3. What If You Had No Valuable Object Passed Down?

If one does not have such an heirloom in their family yet, they can go out and get one, start their collection, their traditions, and their history. Although rumor has it that an engagement ring should equal to three months’ salary, that is simply not true. A ring should be picked out with love, understanding, and patience, all things that will be of great use in a long-lasting marriage.

4. Picking A Diamond

There are many features to consider when selecting the diamond. First of all the four C’s: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Size. The color means the diamond clear, with no hints of yellow or gray? The more the answer leans to a yes, the more expensive and rare the diamond becomes. However, some believe just a little hint of color is not such a bad thing and can give the diamond more brilliance.

Diamond Ring

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4.1 A Diamonds Clarity

Clarity is the second C. Every diamond is born with its unique fingerprint and has inclusions. These will help distinguish your diamond from all the other diamonds in the world since no two diamonds are alike. Fewer inclusions do mean that the diamond is better quality, but again this is all subjective, and a diamond is graded by people who just give their opinion on a piece of paper. There is no scientific method to actually “grade” diamond. Therefore, do your research, but do not get stuck on one aspect of the diamond, ask questions and chose one that you find the most beautiful.

4.2 The Carat Size and Cut

Carat size is one of those things that people pay most attention to since that is something that people notice right away, how big the diamond is. Even though Cut (the final C) has a lot to do with the appearance as well. The cut does not only refer to the shape (round, princess, cushion…), but to how well the diamond cut. It takes precision and talent to cut a diamond properly, to bring out the most luster, to give it the best shape while retaining the most value. If a diamond cut poorly, it will not shine as bright and can look smaller than its’ actual size.

Now, it is time to choose the diamond that you will start your story with, the diamond that you will pass on to your kids and explain to them how hard you hard you had to work to purchase this one of a kind masterpiece. A piece of jewelry that will become an heirloom and not only retain but gain monetary and emotional value as the year’s pass. A great investment, a great gift for anyone and everyone.

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Graduate Gemologist

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