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The Pokemon Go is dead, long live the Seek

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We all have heard the name of Pokemon Go, right? Developed by Niantic, this game has defined a new game style – the augmented reality or AR – that changed a lot of minds how they play their games. There are some other AR based games in the world, but very few have made their debut as a super hit game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is solid proof that augmented reality matched with treasure hunt can be entertaining and attractive to the gaming community. When released, this game quickly became a household name, achieved millions in earned PR and reintroduced Pokemon franchise to new demographics. The target was to bring people outside, and the word took it without a test drive.

Men Playing Pokemon Go
Developers are always working on bringing the new and fresh gaming experiences to consumers. From the awesome, creative minds of Salt Lake City, a brand new game is about to hit the road big time – Seek.

Seek – Real life rewards for gaming?

What is Seek? AR based game where the hunting for treasures is taken a leap further. You as a player, have to go on a journey in real life with your GPS activated so your location can be translated into rewards inside the game.
Seems usual, right? You haven’t heard the complete story yet! And it’s a lot more exciting than all now “traditional” AR games!

The standard AR games reward you with in-game currency or elements that you can profit for your gaming profile. This is the key difference with “Seek.” This game is going to benefit you in real life.

Seek App treasure Chest

Credits: seekadventureapp.com

Seek is an AR based treasure hunting game where you go on a journey of collecting treasure chests. There’s a map in-game that tells you where the treasure chests are. You collect the chests, and there’s a good chance of getting real life prize out of it.

Seek came up with different chest levels. Rare, Epic, Legendary, etc. are the higher tier chests. All other chests in the map are standard and contain gold and key. With the help of those in-game currencies, you can unlock the higher tier chests that have almost guaranteed prizes like cash, gift cards, TVs and much more.

Seek as a marketing tool

This app is a great tool for driving traffic to any specific occasion or event. The game allows planners to place any virtual chest around any event as long as there’s GPS signal. Players will see dots around the area, indicating chests. When they get close about 10 feet, the app brings up the power of augmented reality – using the phone’s camera, Seek shows the chest in the real world on the phone’s screen. By tapping it, the player can win a prize. This strategy can get a lot of people in any event and make giving away prizes and products a lot more impressive compared to a traditional raffle draws.

For business, this is a tremendous opportunity to boost up their trade. According to Jon Cheney, the C.E.O. of Seek, using the traffic driving system to a specific shop or business, the company can share information like the number of people, age, etc. with the confidence so that they can tweak or modify their communications for a better sale.

Seek has a significant potential of making a lot of interesting applications, for example, an impromptu giveaway to create excitement amongst attendees during a general session. The audiences are told that there’s a treasure chest in that room, they open the app, collect the chest and see if they won the giveaway.

Robust platform draws industry attention

An important fact is, the management can specify the odds of winning prizes. For example, a chest can contain a greater amount of low-value rewards and only one high-value reward. The administrator can set a limit of wins per location. This selection is also dependent on the age, gender, interests, of players collected when the game downloaded for the first time.

To signify game’s tremendous potential as a robust platform for meaningful customer engagement, sponsors already show interested in working with Seek. Currently, Universal Pictures, Blendtec, Goal Zero, Samsung, Six Flags, Cinemark have sponsored with Seek. For example, when the movie “The Mummy” was released, the players had the chances of opening the mummy sarcophagus and opening one at a Cinemark theater gave the opportunity of winning $100 gift cards, discounts or free movie tickets.

“Seek” is out for the world, and is available on both Android and iOS.

To Download from Itunes

To Download from Play Store


Editors Comment: As with everything done at 2 Fair Info we try to deliver better content every time we have the opportunity. For this article to be complete we contacted creators of “Seek” and asked twelve questions about the app, science fiction, and games. Enjoy


2FI – What is the inspiration behind this game

Brody King – Seek was born from an outdoor adventure company called Treasure Canyon. Every month the founders put on real-life treasure hunts for cash and real prizes from sponsors. Once Pokemon GO came out, Treasure Canyon transitioned from physical treasure hunts to digital ones via an app called SEEK. Seek combined the model of rewarding users for getting outside with geolocation and augmented reality technology.

2FI – What challenges you had to face? As with any tech company. There are a million development issues that need to be fixed constantly.

Brody King – There are a million development issues that need to be fixed constantly.

2FI – How long it took to develop Seek?

Brody King – Seek started development in August 2016 and launched a beta version of the app in November 2016. The beta ran through March 10 2017 when Seek officially debuted at SXSW as a featured startup.

2FI – How does the system work?

Brody King – Users download the app and see a map of their areas with interaction points where they can engage with augmented reality and win real prizes.

2FI – What are the potential prizes that a player can win?

Brody King – Prizes include a large variety of gift cards, cash, TV’s, apple watches, Amazon echo dots, Disneyland tickets, movie tickets, Samsung products, 6 Flag tickets, and much more.

2FI – What’s the players’ response, initial testing feedback?

Brody King – Feedback has been extraordinarily positive. Users love the added motivation to get out and enjoy the outdoors while being rewarded with tangible prizes.

2FI – What is the plan to engage people in this game whereas Pokemon Go faded?

Brody King – Pokemon GO’s greatest strength ended up being their greatest weakness. The major draw was for those who were interested in the Pokemon brand. So they eventually lost all those who had downloaded it because of the novelty of Augmented Reality and have kept a smaller and more loyal user base. Seek plans to engage larger varieties of people by being brand agnostic. Seek tracks what the marketplace is asking for and we put those prizes in the app and allow users to select their interests in their profile so they only see prizes relevant to them.

2FI – What’s the plan for future of “Seek” brand?

Brody King – We have 100+ features we will be rolling out over the years and are positioned to be a leader in the augmented reality space.

2FI – Where Seek will be rolled out first and how long it would be before we can play it globally?

Brody King – Seek is already available globally except a few countries like North Korea, Iran and Brazil.

2FI – If you are a Science Fiction fan, what idea from books and movies you see most likely to happen in our lifetime and we as a society should not take for granted?

Brody King – Personalized advertising that you see in minority report will become a reality.

2FI – What is your favorite Video Game and why?

Brody King – Goldeneye 007 for N64. It was a classic that led to so many games that continue to dominate the gamer space (Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, etc)

2FI – If you had a chance to have a brunch with any living tech entrepreneur who would it be?

Brody King – Elon Musk

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