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One Page CRM review after 3 months of use

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One Page CRM review after 3 months of use

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I had experience in testing different CRM tools and I even got an opportunity to work with heavyweights like Sage CRM, However I have become the number one fan of, OnePageCRM not only because of it’s fast learning curve and outstanding customer support, but because of it’s cross platform integration and the continuous improvements made by developers exploring social media options like Twitter and LinkedIn lead clippers. It does have some flaws (especially at import and set up stages) by my personal opinion is that it is one of best CRM platforms Startups can get. I am providing you with insightful one page CRM review to help making better decision when time comes.

Installation process

The web application does not need installations as it works in your browser. We are using Google Chrome and works like a dream. Mobile app runs on both android and Iphone.

Ease of use – Teenager

Key Benefits + Pitfalls.

OnePageCRM is mainly directed at the sales process, and as it says on the tin. Everything you need to see while doing your daily checklist is there open, crisp and clear on one page. The principle actions assigned are there in ascending order according to date with further filtering tools available on the sidebar. OnePageCRM is primarily designed to push sales by ensuring followups and lead drives via basic sales tunnels. OnePageCRM also allows full customisation for the contact fields. All the relevant data can be captured by the marketing to provide all the support for the sales team. A significant leap forward is the attitude towards communication by encouraging alternative methods. It goes boyond than the traditional post and email

Even though its simplicity offers fast learning curve, it do miss some of systematic processes available with Sage or Salesforce. Other platforms seems to place more emphasis on gathering information about organisation and use contacts as a tool to get sales. OnePageCRM concentrates on individual contacts working in particular organisations. Therefore the contacts become redundant when they change organisations. Last bad point I would mention is that it has a weak android app, but knowing how keen the OnePage team is new options will be added in no time.

Standout/Headline feature

One Page CRM is primarily designed to drive sales. Applications next action option creates a continuous communication process to move potential leads through full conversion to a paying customers. If a marketing team captures and confirmed the lead, the sales team will see the alert messages once they open the screen.

Integration with other tools/Social Media platforms

From this perspective OnePageCRM shines like no other, from the moment I began writing this article, It was integrated with: Wufoo, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Calendars, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter, Unbounce, Help Scout, Quote Roller, Xero and the list is growing.

Feelings and Emotions using the tool

Relaxed, learning was seamless and fast, the few questions I had were answered on frequent webinars or support emails or social media or phone call. I guess you got the message, customer delight team is surely adding to positive emotions.


From $15 dollars to $90 dollars a month depending on the usage and size of the organisation, with a 30 day free trial available

Competitor tools

Soho CRM, Pipeline, Sugar CRM

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