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Editors Word: I am trying to create 2fi into what I firmly believe is missing on the Internet. A place where creators create what they want to create, where you find real life experiences and stories, something that would never get passed the strict eye of bought media agency. This article came to us from Boston, hence spiritual enlightenment is often a reason for motivation and keeping things together. I don’t say that religion does not have it’s share of criticism, but It works for allot of people. Who we are to judge.

1.0 What is it that has made you so hopeless?

Was it not getting enrolled in the college of your choice? Not getting your dream job? Or not going to live with the one you have loved? Whatsoever the reason, do you think that it is okay to lose hope just because one out of ten things in your life didn’t work out the way you planned?

Putting it all together, it’s the tough times you have been through that have made you so hopeless. Your end is justified. When bad news from everywhere is always hitting you, you give up and lose hope. But, prolonging that feeling for a stretched time is not justified. It’s life. Who told you that it is going to be a smooth ride? It loaded with surprises. Let it be the joyful ones or the horrible ones. Sinking into the feeling of hopelessness when facing difficulty is natural; nevertheless, don’t let that feeling sink let alone settle in your heart. Because once the seed of despair is sown, it gets watered by every difficulty you come across later in life. What happens then?

The seed develops into a tree, reaching out every particle of your body with its growing branches, spreading negative vibes; making you bitter and a pessimist.

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2.0 Why should we not lose hope?

Faith makes you humble. It makes you peaceful. It gives you the push you need to keep going in your life. It helps you achieve your goals. Above all, being hopeful makes you grateful, and this is what we should all be.
When things aren’t working out the way we planned, we start blaming God for it. Asking “why me?” “Am I that bad to deserve all this?” While walking down the street have you ever come across homeless people? Have you seen poor people struggling to be able to purchase one meal? Have you seen them shivering in the cold while you are all layered up in your branded sweaters and coats? Do you then ask God, “why not me?” “Why am I not in their place?” Did you ever? No! You never point the finger at your God then. So, why lose hope when He hasn’t answered your prayers for once maybe? Think about it. Have we become so selfish?

I’m sure none of us wants to turn into a selfish, unthankful person. But how can we not go hopelessly in the first place? The answer is by diverting our mind. But in which direction?


When you are failing in life, you are given golden opportunity to work on your weak points and rise to a stronger you. Instead of going hopeless and making yourself miserable, you should focus on the points which have led to your failure. Work on them. Correct them and make yourself tough and strong so that it doesn’t break you again. Don’t let the burden of hopelessness weigh you down.


There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a reason behind everything that’s happening at the moment. And if you are not able to see any light, that’s because you lack it within yourself. You aren’t less than anyone. The only thing you are deficient of is self-realization. We lose hope only when we aren’t sure about our strengths. So start believing in yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. And come off as a better person in these worse situations. Circumstances change and you should not allow them to overrule your thoughts.


When you stop believing that things will get better, you doubt the power that your God holds. This does nothing other than shaking your faith from the roots. Don’t let that happen. Rather get close to your Creator. Be more thankful. Show gratitude, and He’ll bless you with a lot more you can imagine. Accept what He has written for you. It’s for your best. Trust me.

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3.0 Personal Experience

To make my point sound more practical, I’d like to share my personal experience. I would not have been where I am today if I had lost hope years ago. My family faced really bad financial crisis around two years back. I got enrolled in my college that year. Our expenses grew but unfortunately the income was pretty small that we could hardly fulfill our basic necessities. Time passed, things got worse. We were all losing hope. I was really worried about my college fees and other expenses which I had to cope up with given that I am on a border. I never liked asking anyone for any favor what so ever including financial help. I did not want anyone amongst my friends to know of the problem I was going through. So I decided to support myself. I started working as a freelancer. Started off slow but gradually progressed and made enough money along with other part-time jobs. Today, I am a financially independent woman. Before even graduating and getting a posh job I am capable of paying all my expenses. This is my biggest achievement till date. And I was only able to accomplish it because I had hope in my heart. I believed that God will get me out of it and that he won’t burden my soul with something that I cannot bear.

3.0 Why I firmly preach that one should never lose hope.

Having hope gives you the courage to think that things would get better with time despite the odds being not in your favor; hope is the only thing that keeps you moving forward, it gives you the strength and ability to bounce back from whatever the obstacle you are going through. Having real hope would always help a person to move ever upward. Hope is also a supernatural phenomenon where our God has asked us to have hope and trust in Him. So how one can we lose hope when it’s something that has been instructed upon us by our Lord?

It’s never too late to change yourself for better. Start today. In fact, make up your mind right now that you’ll never let your circumstances control your thoughts. Because having hope strengthens your faith and leaves you with the gift of love.

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