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I am no more invisible – Read Dave’s Story

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I am no more invisible – Read Dave’s Story

Editors Comment: Chinwe was one of the first to join 2FI in our quest to produce better digital content for clients worldwide. One of the many specialties of Chinwe is creative storytelling that can be used to sell your goods or services. We would like you to submerge yourself into a world of Finance Manager Dave thru the eyes of our friend from Nigeria.  

 “Now people actually see me when they look”

His grin was unmistakable. His confidence was disarming. And his looks? Quite refined. This was a different man.

As Dave, the Finance Manager stepped into the annual casual company dinner, heads turned. More female heads than male. More in approval than in indifference. He must have done something right this time.

“Women are actually ogling me. Me? Wow… I finally hit the jackpot. I finally found a fashion designer that makes traditional clothes that really fit, with great designs and taste; and the icing on the cake? He pays attention to details and delivers to my home. It’s all as easy as a few clicks and less than 5 minutes. See, people now see me as opposed to when I was almost invincible.” Dave gushed excitedly to his best friend and colleague Fred. Fred wonders with amazement how he got all of this in one package. Because 90% of the time, you don’t. Not in Lagos and certainly not in Nigeria.

Clothes Vs Personality

Being well dressed doesn’t make you a man but good clothes improve your appearance. Let me ask you this. Would you trust the professional services of a man who shows up in poorly tailored clothes that don’t fit or one with excellently tailored clothes that fit? The latter would probably win your vote because he would appear more confident and sure. If he pays attention to how he looks, he’ll surely pay attention to the work he’ll do for you right?

You can’t be that man that people ignore at gatherings or at functions. You can’t be the man people doubt or second-guess just because of what you wear. Especially when you can be the man that commands attention.

Imagine the compliments you’d get even from the man in the mirror when you dress up for a function in clothes that actually stand out. Imagine the boost to self- esteem.

The Dreaded Visit to the Tailor’s

Imagine the stress you’ll avoid from constant visits to the tailor’s shop only to get the usual “Your cloth is not ready, come back tomorrow”.

Fortunately for you, hundreds of men have found a way to get all that without hassle. You don’t have to imagine when you can live it.

What if that time spent going to the market and buying a clothing material and then going to the tailor’s for days to get it sown is eliminated?  Yet, you get your expertly designed traditional attire wherever you want it and in good time too for that business meeting or function you have picked a date for.

An Achievable Reality

It is the business of Dozzy Couture to dress men like you in expertly designed and fitted clothes for just the right occasion. We have been doing it for years. We have dressed hundreds of successful men among who are company CEOs, top executives and members of the Nigerian house of assembly. We have a flair for fashion, the talent to bring it to life and the dedication to ensure its quality and delivery.

We dress our customers well enough that they have no choice but to return for more. And they always do. Every week, satisfied customers call to tell us how much compliments wearing our clothes have brought them. The CEO of a reputable securities and investment company in Nigeria is quoted as saying “Dozzy you have succeeded in stealing away my tailor’s job.”

You are in the same position they once were.

How will you deal with it? Can you afford to let a priceless five minutes pass without at least finding out if Dozzy Couture can best your current designer/tailor?

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