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Heartbeats & Memories

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One night of magic rush

The start of simple touch

One night to push and scream

And then relief”

We all know the song ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzales. Originally released by the Swedish electronic duo The Knife in 2003 off their album, ‘Deep Cuts‘ and Gonzalez covered it for his 2003 debut album, ‘Veneer‘. However, the album wasn’t released outside Sweden until 2005, and only when I picked up on it. It became a hit, especially when used in the Sony ‘Bouncy Balls’ ad, an example of when film and music fit perfectly. I also think that ad is brilliant, all that color, the balls look like birds taking flight. It’s a great example too of knowing what song to use as Heartbeats was famous at the time.


The Heartbeat of My Youth

The reason I bring up Heartbeats is that I think music can retake you to memory, place, feeling, touch or even a smell. I often find it hard to listen to this song even though I love it because of what it reminds me of. When I hear Heartbeats now, I start to think back to when I was 15/16 and everything that was going on at the time, great things. Being in school, little to no real responsibility, carefree and at the beginning of a million new things coming my way. I remember it being so simple and being surrounded by friends who also had a) no idea what the future had in store and b) didn’t care. In school we just sat in class and on break ran around like lunatics playing football. When summer arrived, we became even more relaxed, taking to the beach in the evening or meeting out by our local bar (not drinking) which is located on a pier, a perfect place to hang. You got a local job to keep the fizzy sweet money coming in, and you were almost never up before 8 AM. One of the best memories about the song Heartbeats of that time is a school tour I went on in 2005 to Barcelona. I was in 4th year, a year which counted for nothing. I think it was around October that we went because it was still kind of hot. I packed light.

Barcelona Spain

The Heartbeat of The City

I was listening to Heartbeats on repeat on our guided tour. We walked through the city, passing the Barcelona Cathedral in all its glory, rising so high you almost had to lay on the ground to see it all. On every corner, we were met with another fantastic piece of design and sculpting, as the whole city seemed to be covered in creativity but each piece remaining unique. Heartbeats appear to be the perfect soundtrack to the city, it was a new and ‘cool’ song and the acoustic guitar, and soft vocals set the right kind of mood. We visited the Camp Nou, a big part of why I even went on the tour and saw Barcelona’s incredible history and the size of the stadium from pitch side. We went to the beach and played football against Spanish kids, though they were a little less skillful than I had expected. Another site we took in was Montjuic, a hill which gave us a view of the city and the harbor. We had perfect weather for the trip, the sun wasn’t blazing down on top of us, but you still had a chance to catch a color. I can’t remember the name of the hotel we stayed at, but it had a tiny pool that could fit maybe ten people. At night, the only real time we spent there, we could climb along the balcony walls to sneak into friends rooms, sometimes 4 or 5 floors up. I don’t think I’d chance that now! Once again, Heartbeats seemed to fit so well to each part of the holiday; I could listen to it on the bus back to the hotel and again sitting out on the balcony.

Barcelona Spain


I still feel the heat in the sand when I look back. I still see all my friends as 16/17-year-olds. The sound of laughing and running in the hotel hall being cut out as soon as someone saw a teacher coming is still ringing in my ears. The time we were allowed into the nightclub section of the hotel and I had to bring my Faithless Greatest Hits album is still as embarrassing as it was in 2005. With Heartbeats, I have a link to my teen years. I can listen to it and drift off, and I’m either hanging out at home on lazy summer days or running around a beach in Barcelona. I’ve my Heartbeat, and I hope you have yours too.

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