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Hearn’s Prizefighter out of EXILE: Return of the Rebel Mike Perez:

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Return of the ‘The Rebel’ Mike Perez

Mike Rebel Perez Training


Mike ‘The Rebel’ Perez was due to fight the London-born, Belfast-raised cruiserweight Tommy McCarthy on the undercard of Eddie Hearn’s Belfast Boy Promotion. The stakes were high, and the betting odds were close to 5/1 against McCarthy, the less experienced fighter. Tommy McCarthy had to win to bring his career to the next level and a boxing bout for Perez to claim back his own.

Unfortunately, the fight between Tommy McCarthy vs. Mike Perez never happened, according to Eddie Hearn, “Pat McGee had lost his pen.” According to Tommy McCarthy, he didn’t know enough about the fight. A communication breakdown in the McGee camp or an executive move by Tommy McCarthy. Creating a stalemate situation and not becoming a pawn in someone else’s game of chance.

Getting flack way off of the mark on social media for ‘being afraid to fight Perez,’ McCarthy said to Belfast Live,

“How can I agree to a fight when I don’t know how much the purse is and what title I am fighting for? This isn’t two lads having square digs in a playground. Pat Magee negotiates on my behalf and emails have been going back and forth, but there hasn’t been any contract sent to me.”

Nevertheless, being 26 years of age Tommy McCarthy is a great Irish prospect for the future. Back in 2014, being interviewed before his pro-debut against Rolandas Cesna, in a Belfast restaurant neither the pair had experienced to gourmandise in before, a younger McCarthy stated to Kugan ‘The Koog’ Cassius, iFL TV,

“I really want to use the model of David Haye as a professional template. I want to come in and fight unified in the Cruiserweight division, then go into Heavyweight. By then you will already be a Name. You don’t have to waste your time fighting five eegits. You will be in there at World-Title and make some real money. Hopefully, I will retire with my Health and some Money in the Bank”

Along with Evander Holyfield, Haye is one of only two boxers to have unified the cruiserweight Major world titles and become a world heavyweight champion. Haye challenged Jean-Marc Mormeck on 10 November 2007 for the WBA, WBC, The Ring and lineal cruiserweight titles.

It’s tough to dispute Mr. McCarthy’s sentiment akin to the wise lyrics of DJ Quik if it don’t make dollaz it don’t make sense. Perez’ hijacking of McCarthy’s ambitious David Haye inspired road map to the top, Perez might have spun the World Cruiserweight divisions, along with McCarthy’s path to Glory, into a Cuban cyclone of bewilderment.

Currently, there is a platoon of Eastern Promise to take out before it is possible for any Cruiserweight from the Emerald Isle, to hold any of the 4 big Org. belts.

Cuban by Birth, Irish by the Grace of God; Can Perez deliver as the ‘functional fighter’?

Bridge Cork City

Credit: William Murphy

If you haven’t heard about the Cuban-born international man of mystery Mike ‘the Rebel’ Perez before reading this Article, he was the winner of Eddie Hearn’s father’s creation Prizefighter in 2011. As an amateur in Cuba gained over 400 bouts under and earned the ring name of the ‘Rebel’ because he fights out of a gym and dwells in the rebel county of Cork, Ireland.

The Prizefighter Perez was looking unstoppable smoking through competition up until dark clouds began to gather over Madison Square Garden on a November night in 2013. Fighting on the Gennady ‘Triple G’ Golovkin’s undercard was Magomed Abdusalamov vs. Mike Perez.

The 10 round gladiatorial battle between the two undefeated Heavyweight contenders had gone the distance. Regrettably, the grueling duel had forced Abdusalamov into early retirement due to sustaining severe brain injuries in his only career defeat. While the victorious Perez was in the air flying back to Ireland oblivious to his opponent’s condition, Adbusalamov was under the knife fighting for his life receiving surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. To reduce the swelling from the brain, the Doctor had to put Adbulsalamov into a medically induced coma when he then suffered a stroke. Adbulalamov is still in recovery from the fight and most like be suffering neurological defects for the rest of his life.

Not allowing the demons from his previous bout to haunt Perez’ Heavyweight ambitions. Still looking promising and holding an intimidating record at (20-0). He was next to face the Cameroon-French Heavyweight Carlos Takam. The fight was lethargic until Takam took over in Round 6, boxing on the inside Takim was able to work Perez over. Obviously hurting Perez in Round 6 and Round 10. The Fight was a Draw by Majority Decision. The immaculate record of Perez was being brought into disrepute, and in the next fight for Number 1 Heavyweight WBC contender, his record was no longer going to be undisputed.

Bryant Jennings defeated Perez by Split Decision. After the Perez bout, Jennings challenged Wladimir Klitschko for the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, IBO, The Ring and lineal heavyweight titles but was defeated by Unanimous Decision. The level of Heavyweight Boxing Mike Perez was competing at was getting closer and closer to the pinnacle of the sport. The ambition to get to the top was still possible until his boxing career blighted for the 4th time.

From a commentator’s perspective, Perez had progressively developed the Curse of the Blessed in his pursuit of greatness. It came to ahead in 2015, Perez was knocked out in the 1st round by, current WBO Heavyweight contender, Alexander ‘Tsar’ Povetkin. Perez’ demoralizing defeat was the last performance the Boxing World was to see of the naturally talented pugilist of Queensbury rules. At the post-fight Press Conference, Perez announced his retirement from the sport of boxing.

OUT of EXILE; In the Quiet Words of the Virgin Mary “All Bets are Off!!!”

Eddie Hearn was discussing candidly to Kugan ‘the Koog’ Cassius, iFL TV, the low-down of the fighters on The Belfast boy card. Hearn was casually walking past the table where the boxers would be sitting for the promotion’s official press conference. Hearn pointed at one of the name cards.

“This is very interesting…” Hearn told ‘the Koog’, “…Mike Perez. A very, very talented Heavyweight, at Cruiser could be a Major player in the Cruiserweight scene, but we will have to wait and see.”

Due to Tommy McCarthy’s hesitations with the Cruiserweight bout, Mike Perez was to fight Slovakian Viktor Biscak. In a pre-fight interview with Kugan ‘The Koog’ Cassius, iFL TV, Perez was asked, ‘If he were disappointed in not fighting Tommy McCarthy on his Cruiserweight debut?’

“It is; what it is and this is boxing.”

The fight against Povetkin was just over two years ago, and on arrival into the ring, Mike Perez might as well have changed his name to Leroy Brown due to his new physical appearance. Leaner and meaner than a junkyard dog. If someone were to have a peek at Perez’ social media channels, his workout regime is both intimidating and inspiring.

‘The Koog’ also asked Perez in the pre-fight interview to give a response to critics insinuating on social media the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

“Nobody has got the balls to tell me to my face that I’m on drugs. Come test me! I see this shit on Social Media. I open my phone and read it and say, ‘Why do you have to say that?’ You don’t know what I have been through the last two years. You don’t know how hard I have been working, like a dog. Personally, I don’t believe I have to use anything to beat nobody. My skill will talk for itself, so if you are better than me. You are going to beat me anyway, with drugs or no drugs. If you beat me today, that means you are better than me, and I have to work harder to be better than you. That’s the way it is.”

After giving some friendly advice to Perez about ‘not to take notice of what people have to say on Social Media’, ‘The Koog’ asked Perez, ‘how long will it be before there is a challenge for a World Cruiserweight title?’

“I am already there with the help of my wife and my manager. I am even better now than I was six years ago as the Prizefighter. I am a new man; I feel excited.”

The fight against Biscak didn’t last long, 19 seconds, after the second engage from Perez a quick right-hand to face had knocked Biscak to the canvas. Biscak fell back awkwardly on his right foot after receiving one of the more tepid of punches in professional boxing. Bescak twisting his ankle or took a dive, and Referee Hugh Russell Jr. had to stop the fight. In either case, the Belfast boxing fans weren’t impressed with the mismatch resulting with Biscak limping and escorted out of the ring by his corner. A symphony of ‘Boos’ began to amplify the Odyssey Arena. The return of the ‘Rebel’ to fight a Belfast Boy was a bit of an anti-climax. A hollow win for Perez, who announced in a post-fight interview with Sky Sports, he is eager ‘to go deeper in future fights’ and show his ability. Alongside Perez was Eddie Hearn who said,

“Perez is a serious contender for Cruiserweight titles. Trust me he is going to be a Force; he’s got a great story that needs to be told. The way his life has turned around, and he will tell it to you one day.”

Sky Sport asked Perez ‘whether he believed he could win a World Title at Cruiserweight’. Perez responded,

“…and at Heavyweight too, with the state of mind, I am in right now. I believe I can win a title at any weight!”

Perez’ new chapter in professional boxing is looking promising. Under the watchful eye of boxing manager Patrick Thomas, boxing fans have a potential future Cruiserweight contender to look out for. The problem is according to Eddie Hearn; nobody wants to get into the ring with the ‘Rebel’.


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