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DesignBold Review – The Student Becomes The Master

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Key Benefits + Pitfalls.

Before writing this DesignBold review, I decided not to compare to the tool some other graphic manipulation software internet reviewers compare DesignBold with. It does remind good bit something I regularly use. However, it only shows at the very surface. Even with a choice of ready templates available for the freemium user, it seems to answer my current graphic design needs. This week I need to create multiple banners and what’s available on the platform should keep me going in the initial stages of display ad testing. Something I could not achieve with Canva 3 years ago nor I can do effectively now.

Let’s start, one of the benefits using DesignBold is its choice of premade templates covering most of my, or any other online entrepreneur needs. It does allow to keep all files in a Dropbox, very handy especially when traveling with ultrabook in your backpack. It does allow to upload your fonts match colors using Hex Code, but lacks in a choice of templates if I want more refined collections for magazines, but has good few creative resume templates so where it lacks in one area, it makes up somewhere else.

The platform is still young, so it will be another while user generated art will become better. Zoom is working fine on large designs. It seems that it has few time-saving features for paying users. For example being able to use design fixed variables such as fonts, colors, and watermarks while switching other dimensions required for another social media channel would cut few steps from speed design binges. One of the reasons I stopped using Photoshop for my daily needs was how fast it seemed to design large quantity of social media posts in one sitting with a user-friendly alternative. Earlier mentioned DesignBold feature should at least improve efficiency by 50%.

Installation process

Not needed it’s a web application, you need a half decent broadband speed and half decent laptop. Login is available with your Facebook and Google accounts.

Ease of use – Super Mom

Standout/Headline feature

Even it looks somewhat similar to other tools out there; you can find some, innovation worth mentioning. DesignBold adding features artists and agencies sharing art openly will love. Widget generator allows linking your site content to DesignBold removing unnecessary steps. If no one else did coin the term, I call it “one click design.” If I create templates for my customers, I can embed it on my website, and all person needs to do is click a design to land on a DesignBold interface ready to be edited. Must have for consultants and content coaches.

Integration with other tools/Social Media platforms

As mentioned earlier if you have DropBox cloud save function is available. Only this tool at this point, but better that downloading and uploading files every single time. Using roaming data might become feasible for doing last minute touch ups so work while traveling gets this tiny bit easier. You can share your designs to the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. One Click Design (I copyright this name) option would count as content management (e.g. WordPress) tool integration.

Feelings & Emotions using the tool

Mixed, if you are inspired by another idea, the main point would be to improve it. In the western school of thought, originality is often overrated. Confucianists study the master to become a master and eventually supersede him. Will see how it would evolve as more designers join the forces but templates are good for what I need at the moment, they are functional, but if I felt artistically challenged that day probably, I might be disappointed. In the other hand as a traveling entrepreneur, I see so many technical improvements to the processes and direct upload to a should is the perfect solution to a very simple but serious problem. If your bandwidth limited due to travel, all megabytes you can keep are priceless.


Free with a basic plan and many many limitations in functionality. From 15 dollars a month with a pro. Pro account gives access to custom fonts and most of the unique features I mentioned. Team account would set you down for 39 dollars a month. If you want to compare price vs. features you can do it here. Now all of the features available on a premium version avail either time saving (Magic Resize, 6000 templates) with additional tools coming in beta (Premium Workspace).

Competitor tools

Canva, PhotoShop, Gimp

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