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This time was not my first traveling to “Life” festival as I had already experienced the place last year, so I was prepared to expect the unexpected, but I still got caught out on a lot of things.

“Life” festival for those who don’t know about it is an annual Irish Music Festival which held in Belvedere House and Gardens in County Westmeath, Ireland. As the venue located next to a lakeside castle, provided by some of the world’s leading electronic artists. The festival offers a broad range of cutting-edge music, traditional arts, workshops, and performances through a three day camping weekend of non-stop partying and dancing.

The location is ideal as the Belvedere House provides the optimal scenery for the venue with its vibrant set of lights and astonishing grounds, stages, eco-friendly camping facilities, lake, decorations and its different stalls.

Festival dancing People

What should you expect if did go?

Well, the answer to that is anything. The first time I arrived at Life I brought too much of everything; money which you will loose, clothes which will most likely get lost but not enough refreshments. Like last year I drove my car up and left everything in the boot such as drink in which I put a rain jacket over to keep it fresh and other vital essentials. If they left in the tent, they would either be robbed or be way too warm as the tent can heat up fairly lively. Typical Irish weather, enough to heat your drinks, short lived, so you better bring your wellingtons.

The one thing I didn’t have enough of this year was the battery, bring up at least one battery bank and make sure it has about 30’000mAh which should suffice to charge your phone a good few times. You could get a solar powered battery bank and is an environmentally friendly device. It is ideal for mobile phones and digital cameras of all sorts. With a built-in battery, this mobile power can charge electronic devices even when it is a rainy day. I found something I will be adding to my wish list and you can find by clicking the image below.


What’s the worst that could happen?

Without working phone, you can cause so much hassle, and it did for one of my friends as we could not call, or find him. He lost his wristband and tried to ask for a replacement but had no proof that he bought one in the first place. So he was made to buy another, but before you say why didn’t he charge it in one of the charging stations for €5, he would have to wait about an hour with the queue there, and he didn’t even have it on him he had it lost somewhere in the campsite. This poor lad found his phone on the second last day in his tent which was full of piss and number twos all over his clothes and what was in the middle of it all? Yes, his phone. Not only did he have to buy a new ticket but his phone was destroyed along with his clothes and his tent. People were using the tent as a toilet on the rainy day which was the Saturday. That’s Life for you, full of surprises!

How to prevent this?

The first thing you need to do is to befriend your camping neighbors. With them, on your side, you can set up a neighborhood watch where you all look out for each other’s tents in case people accidentally stumble into your tent and borrow your belongings and forget to return them.

Life more than likely tripled its capacity from last year, and I can see it doubling for next year as organizers outdid themselves with an amazing setup. In 2016 there was just one field full of Ireland’s drunken finest, but this year there was 2 and a bit in which I do not include its silk road tents and boutique camping by the lake which were incredible.

What to bring?

This year all I brought was my big bag full of “soda” cans and a sleeping bag which I left out in the pissing rain and my tent wide open for all the rain to gather in. It was grand the next day though as everything dried up within an hour because the weather was boiling leaving every person with some level of sunburn to add a bit of color for the festival. You most likely won’t sleep for the three days because of the fear of missing out or join resting partygoers sleeping anywhere. The clothes you’d want to bring would have to be colorful. I brought a rave jacket with its purple shoulders, red cap, white sunglasses and a bright yellow bandana around my neck which worked out surprisingly well because my friends easily found me every time. Now, this is what I call fashion meets function.

Best parts?

Everything. If I were to pick from two things it would have to be the scaldy District 8 tent which had some ridiculous tunes that would make you stay there for the whole day but it didn’t have the best act which in my opinion was the Magician who stole the show for me at the main stage. The Irish crowd doesn’t sleep and know how to handle these events as I went back into the festival early enough in the morning expecting nothing to be happening to find a massive gathering that wouldn’t even fit inside the tent and be going up and out onto the hill going crazy at 7.30 am. I’ve been to Creamfields twice, and you wouldn’t see anything like this at that hour it was brilliant. The last day when all the music has stopped can bring around the best kind of vibes as you will find a lot of camp raves inside people’s large camping tents, in the open air or just take over a chipper or stall to bang out a few tunes. You might even find a big Gazebo full of scaldy Dubliners who turn the campsite into a big rave train walking around with the speaker on their shoulders gathering new recruits along the way.


I don’t have much but the campsites really should have toilets at each corner to prevent people using their tents or random tents or even the field. It’s not attractive at all waking up and coming out of your tent hungover to see a girl squatting down to take a crap then turning around to look at her masterpiece and planting herself straight into it; I almost died laughing at the poor girl. There is enough food and drink stalls, but the prices are so high like how is €7 for a curry cheese chip right? There needs to be more battery charging stalls because the queue for the place was huge 24/7. Its not like the festival would be losing out on putting another charging stall there they are making a fortune. Then festival roots imply that it supposed to be the rave in the woods which did not happen. Continuous reggae music was nice, but the life had a perfect set up for banging out tunes at 6 am.

Would I go again?

Definitely! I’d pick Life over any other festival any day of the week. Mainly because of the atmosphere and the fairy-like decorations which make the place uniquely cool. These events aren’t just about mad electronic music and getting stoned. Don’t get me wrong; these things did exist. But the uniqueness of these festivals is the variety and coexistence of people who would never meet in a “real life.” I haven’t just only seen electronic artists but enjoyed rap, reggae, indie, funk, etc. And not everybody was intoxicated or drugged up to have an excellent time. The coherence that exists when the music drops with welcoming friendly people is something I don’t want to give up. To be carefree and doing what you want in an environment that will accept and get along with me is a truly freeing experience. You can’t contribute any of these moments in your lectures or at your 9-5. This is the truth.


Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela,

Plaza Altamira Caracas

Credits: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altamira_(Caracas)#/media/File%3APlaza_Francia.jpg

a place where the contrast between modern infrastructures and the smell of pollution is giving its charm. People are moving rapidly in all directions, the hot, humid environment, every kind of noise is mixed in one single indistinguishable sound. Busy human habitat and the green palace of the animal kingdom get to coexist. It is very easy to find exotic tropical creatures, just by driving a couple of minutes to the edges of the city, however, one species comes to you, like if nature wants to say “hello, I am here.”

Credits: https://pixabay.com/en/scarlet-macaw-guacamayas-macaws-1290913/Guacamayas, a bird that has a special mission for all the people that live, work, study or just visit the metropolis. Guacamayas are parrots with very long tails and wings. Their main characteristic is the vivid colors of the plumage. It is a very attractive for pet trading; bird smuggling practices even endanger some species. At least 14 different species can currently be seen flying Caracas’s sky.

Venezuela, one of the countries with the highest inflation in the world. Currently, Venezuelans survive with less than 40 $ every month. Food shortage is another problem that gives the people of this country never-ending headaches. In recent investigations by BBC news, it came to light that to buy the necessities; most people have to do up to 6 hours in lines every day in multiple stores. Lately and at its lowest point of popularity, the government decided to make a new constitution. For these reasons that the country is now under deep political tensions that had led to anti-government protests.

Guacamayas Parrot Pair

Caracas a peculiar city

Over the past month’s anti-government protests have been blooming in the city, almost daily concerned citizens taking the streets in a sign of nonconformity with the government. Movement of people that is threatening the metropolis with a likely collapse.

The first thing everyone must do after waking up early in the morning is to check the social media of the Caracas metro, the national company that administrates the subway. When there are protests, they close all the stations, so it is critical to know if you need to take probably slowest subway in the world; because often it is slower than walking.

Riot police tend to control all these manifestations using tear gas, at least 700 bottles are used in a single day. This gas can be shot inside apartments, schools and even hospitals if protest moves nearby.

At nights you can hear people screaming on the streets, explosions, and gunshots, for hours. The windows of your home must remain sealed so no particle of the tear gas can get in.

Is fair to say, that all the people in the city are living a very stressful time, but if you turn your head up, you can enjoy the most colorful creatures, singing, playing and living, like if there is nothing wrong. You can call them to your window to give them some food and they will reward you with the best, animal comedy show. Every day at sunset these gracious birds will pass flying in huge groups to their nest, where they stay at night.

Nature comes to the rescue

Early this week when I was doing a line to buy fresh bread, I met my new friend Maria a 60 years old grandmother of three. It is not hard to get to know people in this line. Usually, the same individuals of the neighborhood do it every day, for at least one or two hours. She saw how I was admiring the Guacamayas doing their business and asked me: do you like them too? To that point, I had never asked myself, about these birds being something special or important. I just answered, yes I do, it is awesome how funny these animals are, they make me forget this boring line.

Maria then told me, how significant where the Guacamayas for her. She was a Spanish immigrant when she moved to Venezuela, back in 1957, her bank account was in red numbers, and options reduced. Maria started to feel depressed and hopeless; she could not find a solution. But one day when she was standing in front of her window with her eyes wet, a Guacamaya came flying. Making that playful and funny noise that is very well characteristic and know, and then stared at her with all the confidence of an old friend, asking for food, these animals are very smart, she told.

The next day more birds came to say hi, and before she realized 20 or 30 Guacamayas were screaming and demanding food outside the window. They always came at the same time in the afternoon, and at that part of the day, she was able to forget all of her problems. Because of this little parenthesis, Maria was able to recover some hope and motivate to fight and conquer her problems.

My Own Story

This story made me think about how the Guacamayas had helped me too. I started to remember; the day I broke up with my girlfriend, and I felt depressed, but these animals lift my mood up and help me to recover slowly. In many other situations, you cannot be sad when these birds are around; they deliver happiness to those who most need it. The Guacamayas are like little angels sent by God to help you in those moments of the life when your spirit is low.

I got more and more interested and started asking other people in the lines; Paying the bills, buying groceries, in the bank, using the public transport. It was strange at first, but all the people I asked had a good experience with the Guacamayas and shared a positive impact on their lives.

We all lived in an artificial word, that needs more contact with nature. People of Caracas and Venezuelans overall are having a rough time lately, where stress and fear can have a substantial presence in our daily life. Thanks to these angels we are allowed to see the life with the eyes of an innocent being that just want to play and be enjoyed, even when it is a wild creature, it opens to humans and heals their souls.




On my journeys I always tend to meet interesting people, in reality, many of us have interesting stories to tell, but not always we share these stories. Something gets in the way. Creators that are seen, know how to navigate current content distribution networks and have the power to influence our behavior. Just now, I realized that click bait outweighs good honest content nine times out of ten. This explains why most of the crap you watch, gets millions of views and millions of real stories told by real people get lost. And I am on a mission to change it.

This piece was written by my good friend I met since my very short 3rds rugby “Career” before I hang my boots after two injuries. But as most of the people I met thru rugby, it seems to be lasting and long friendship.

Two weeks before the “Brexit” I made my way to Manchester and later in 2016 had my 24 hours in South of London. I walked through southside (even though I was advised not no). All I could see was people being pushed out of their houses to give some space for the regeneration. Safe travel using trains were only affordable for the yuppies and every ordinary person had to take a bus, changing in pretty dodgy spots. Just to prove how dodgy it was, I got my ATM card blocked after I used it in one of the filling stations that had the only ATM in 5-mile radius (which led to many people getting robbed), and had to pay two pounds to withdraw cash. I knew then, that problems in the UK have nothing to do with Europe or Immigration – you can’t blame a mirror if your face is crooked.

And then I saw my friend posting this…

‘Two-tier system’

That’s what I heard in the ‘city of London’. Believing all the whispers were paranoid minds relatively deemed within my cognitive consciousness against the new cosmopolitan environment I found myself in. I was in Cannon-street because I gave a C.v. to a landlady who thought I was fit enough to work within her payroll roster.


Her M.g.m.t powers believed I was deemed fit to sack some young English lad ‘with a skinhead mind you’ from Brighton. To go on his way because I was to replace 4 hours on ‘his’ working day.


City of London; what a shame I had to quit the job because I wasn’t on a fair gain. Walked around a corner and sat on a random post explaining to my brother that ‘this big smoke is only a joke’. Sitting on a bike post tell him my spéal, witnessed a group of old boys in ball suits with red ribbons around their necks. Striking gold medallions were gleaming off their chests.


Too bright for my eyes I thought and I looked away because maybe these old boys are having their sanctimonious day. I felt guilty but too selfish to give a fuck because I took the job of a simple English lad, even though he was also another skit shithead. Like me, he was too ignorant to see such a beautiful town self-destruct only a few weeks later, which was very ugly.


I’m not here to write who is right and who is wrong, but I was pissed off to see London get burned to the ground. An old furniture shop that I daily passed, survived 2 world wars and the infamous I.R.A. campaign during ‘the Troubles’, was burned to the ground because the local youth were disenfranchised. Who could blame them?


‘Two-Tier System’ I was worried about a new world order, but a ‘Two-Tier System’ will never, and can’t last. One night I was walking down to Wood Green to grab some beers for my friends. This was 4 in the morn, my own will put me out on the streets but a group of black youth was blocking my path. Only a fool would walk straight through their party. I was on their block, I knew I had to be wide.
One of the boys said, “Hey you… …you Polish?”.
“Naw,” I replied.


“Yo, Babylon.” Cinder;


*Originally written back in 9th September 2011. 



Now some might disagree, but not everything in marketing or advertising is new and original; Far from it. Plenty of execs steal the ideas, take the credit, and not only from people working for them, but also from the other advertisers. There is an “I want my MTV” campaign “inspired” by “I want my Maypo”, Before the fisherman fought a bear for tuna in a John West Ad and a Japanese student fought a Lion.

In the spirit of advertising, I had to share my picks for what I think would actually work very well in the western world if, lets say, someone decided to give me money to develop the project. Wink , Wink. In order to avoid being caught right away, I will look at the Japanese Ads. Geographically it is far enough, translation discrepancies would change the copy so much that no problems should arise.

Ajinomoto Stadium – Husky Girls

I live in Limerick, Ireland’s home of Rugby (my opinion). This ad (2004/2005), is aimed at women for the promotion of the Ajinomoto Stadium home of the FC Tokyo. Main character who, in the beginning charmed by the beauty of local women, was washed away since discovering that all of them have men-like voices. Just change a country, team, and it’s a winner. Husky Girls was developed at Tokyo advertising agency Densu, It won several awards in 2005, including a gold at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, a Silver Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival, and a Cresta International Advertising award. But seriously who is going to use this idea first?

Matsudaira Real Estate – Golf

Developed by Densu West Japan Osaka advertising agency: This ad was created for the promotion of the Matsudaira Real Estate, and did it with a bang. Now, as a new wave of development in western world is coming, it would make perfect sense to be “inspired” by this idea of the CEO not being able to afford a bigger house and therefore affecting his golf skills. Aired on Jan 2003, the advert picked silver in Cannes International Advertising festival, as well as giving a full experience of active Ad participation where viewers have to guess and fill in the blanks for its context, therefore increasing campaign effectiveness.

Morinaga & Co. Carrè de Chocolat – NON-BLINKING WOMAN

Campaign ran in 2008 and was created by… Dentsu. Demographics, married women in their 30s. In the ad, a woman was just about to reach the non-blinking world record. The concept of this ad was that this particular brand was a unfightable luxury, worth relief in between difficult household tasks. In the video it is clear that even main character had the entire country, and the world’s eyes, on her in the Olympic games’ fashion, Oh wait… there were Olympic games in 2008. Context: Japan is a highly collectivist society where saving face is extremely important, So that chocolate better be worth it. Any newcomers affordable luxury food brand can take this one: it sets segment higher for its brand, and uses public hype of the current highly viewed event. There is always next Olympics to prepare for!

Toyota Human Touch

Winner of Cannes 2006 Silver Lion Films, campaign humanity used people inside the car to counter the fact that most car manufacturing nowadays is done by machines (Thank God, by the way). In the other hand, humans portraying inanimate objects had been seen before for its dramatic effect. For the Ad to evoke the right message, it would need to be used in a collectivist society, where the spirit of a common goal is present. In some other societies where false sense of political correctness is present it might backfire. However, the same method would give an otherwise dehumanised service or product back the “Human Touch”. I actually dare Tesco and Argos to use it to promote their self-service lines.

Secam Home Security – THE BIG TEST

Now this one is so different for the typical category ads in our part of the globe, When a security company Ad is shown in Ireland, it rarely carries with it a positive message. Most of the time, it scares you so much you start to doubt any reasons to live. And for some reason lower budget Ads show vehicles company drives, building company is located and face of the owner.

In the Japanese version, main character is given a chance to commit a crime and rejects it. “but many won’t” is the message that would fit right into many categories, charity: you give money to charity – but many won’t, or something more shocking: you wouldn’t cheat with your boss’s wife – but many won’t. Numerous studies have been done to prove that negative message does not work as effectively as positive angle. Sharing a belief for the good of humanity is a great asset to the brand, and something that has to be learned for the future. And the fact that ad is directed at a person who will make a purchasing decision is just an icing on the cake.


Which Idea to steal is not my business, you have to understand that some ideas are sometimes mistaken for its originality. Due to globalization, we watched same movies, listened to same artists, and without a doubt much of our ideas are going to occur in some shape somewhere sooner or later. The purpose of this content is to show you that some things are there to be used for your gain; not necessarily blindly, but concepts are too good to be missed. Especially so when you are like me, learning how to do really cool stuff.

To sum-up I would like to use China’s motor industry excuse for copying popular car designs – “Italians copied English cars at the beginning and in the end developed their own style, so did Japanese and Koreans, with time we will do the same”. I hate to admit this, but it is a very strong point in their defence and very good excuse for new creative media agency before there is enough knowhow to make hundred percent original work on every project.


I tell you a story about John Smith and his mid sized company, or to be more precise how they are discovering the incredible world of Content Marketing. Everyone working there are over their fifties and even not being technophobes, still would rather make phone calls than write emails. Because John has been in business for a while, he had seen or even missed some changes in the industry and does not want to miss on on-line marketing, oh no. He knows all about Ad-words or at least how much the bloody thing bills for each month. He can distinguish a good website for his category, but he waited for a while before investing in content production, but finally realised that there is a point to bring someone full time to do all that social media and blogging stuff.He tried himself, but mediocre rewards are sure not worth the pain of being brain dead after having to create something new from scratch.


Being that guy who has to make the content in John’s company is tough. No one to ask a question, probably little experience before this job, and so many things to do. But you know what, there is a way to make your life a bit easier and I will share with you today, how you can start doing twice as much work in twice as little time. But only if you commit spare time to deeper research and making your content exceptional.

1. Plan Ahead

If your company would contact agency for ad hoc services they would get a nasty bill, paid up front. Why? Because agency would have to calculate man hours and figure out how to deliver services within deadlines and within budget. If you work for a company and you get new ideas from your manager every day, you cannot deliver content on time. First, figure out how many pieces you are going to commit, eg. an article every two weeks, one social media post a day, two relevant re-posted articles multiply by days in a month and create a publishing calendar, Once it’s all in front of you it will make your life much easier, and would show your superior that the work you do is actually very demanding.




In short, search marketing, social media and blogs are sources of traffic to your website. In comparison to PPC, blogs are a cost-effective long term asset, whereas compounding blogs will bring new prospects, even after it’s justified its cost. The Main website has little flexibility in terms of design and marketing experimentation – blogs allow more flexibility to try new layouts and visuals. It also adds to SEO efforts and more efficient long-tail keyword targeting, As well as this, it adds to page rank and creates opportunity and reason to share information about your company. Below are the three main areas of the direct benefits of producing a consistent corporate blog.

1. Blogs as a testing platform

It can become a testing platform for website content. Coordinated blog could allow to test article length, positioning of the visuals and text flow, call-to-action in order to find what responds best with the target market. Through the introduction of SignUp forms, blogs will allow to track readers, contain clicks, popular topics, shares and comments. Experimenting with keywords and topics for the blog will show which are better to use for the main page. Nobody but customers knows how they search for your solution so there are no magic keywords to rank for SEO. Google actually penalizes for having too many keywords describing the content on the main page, and some keywords do not justify their cost for Ad-words due to high demand from other high volume advertisers.

2. Increase SEO efforts

Apart from doing back office SEO work on the main website, it is important to continue having new traffic visiting the site. Blogs are indexed right after it is linked to a credible website. Any social media share or RSS would do. It signals to Google that your company page is actively being updated. It improves page score for the landing page and host webpage. When you publish a new blog post there is greater opportunity to show up in search engines, and drive traffic to your website in an organic search. Coordinated blogs allow to re-target to other relevant articles on the website, keeping visitors for longer on the site, and positively affecting important bounce rate. The longer a visitor spends on the site after finding it with set keywords, the more relevant content within the website becomes to search engines.



2 Fair Info team slowly grows into something very promising. One few to join us was bitter voiced, media superman in making Gary McGuire. I liked his piece on the mass media influence so much that decided to share it here. Partly to employ more eyeballs before he builds up his profile online, partly to promote www.2fi.ie, mother-ship of everything 2 Fair Info (website is currently being developed) and once all done will let everyone know. Enjoy

The world we know as today, is in many ways shaped and perceived in society through the medium of mass media outlets, from everything such as your average school textbook, or the living room television, all the way to your daily news updates on social media networks streamed on the latest smartphone device. We as human beings, being intrinsically susceptible to making impulsive decisions combined with a commonplace gullible nature, which on some scale lies within each of us, are often making decisions to act without appropriate foresight, or in other words, we fail to think outside the box.

Human species has evolved in a manner which carries with it a well-known idiom: “Monkey see, monkey do”. In order to tie this quote into my argument, I will scale it down in brief. One simple example, the advert is promoting an energy drink, and the caption claims that it gives you wings. As well as the caption making such an influential, clearly false claim, the advert has clever use of animation, color, and enthusiastic vocal tone. All of these intricate promotive details combined, lead us to feel compelled to make a purchase for the product as advertised; It seems good, it says it is good, therefore, it must be good.

That is where many of today’s consumers continue to fall short on making wise financial decisions on a more-than-often basis. Again tying into gullible nature, we want to see the big bright light and the clear as day title, with a fine full stop. Do we ever think to read the small print? We tend not to. Even those who appear to be more in tune with the silver linings of product promotion, often continue to purchase goods  at the extent of their health, or the value of its true worth. Why is this so, you might ask? There are a few reasons to explain this particular motive.

1. Advertising and Need to Fit In

This secondary concern I  wish to discuss in line with societal influence as a result of the base effects of mass media exposure, is the issue of what we refer to as peer-pressure. The human race struggle with individualism, as it is deemed unusual to stick to your own guns, so to speak. Many people feel that in order to ‘fit in with the times’, they must have or do what other people do or have. We see people shooting up a sidewalk with a hover-board and their headphones on, surrounded by a group of similarly acting seemingly confident and assured persons, and suddenly we find ourselves wanting to have the same thing, for the hope of feeling you could then belong to a, what is perceived as, ‘cool’ modern culture or counter culture. This impulsive desire often leads young people to get involved with a rebellious lifestyle, frequent intoxication and harassment… so on so forth.



I joined BlueChief Social team this Summer, prior to that I spend the last 6 years completing a marketing degree. I also worked in a packaging industry which was probably the hardest product I have had to sell so far. Imagine plain corrugated cardboard boxes, a pretty boring product to sell, and a pretty boring product for social media, yet, within two months I was able to increase traffic to website and following on Twitter. I remember one day bank manager met my manager and notes that his company is simply everywhere on social media meaning that at least increase in brand recognition was guaranteed.

In this article I will open a curtain for you to a interesting and trending word of inbound marketing. Now first of all I would like to give you some definitions.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospect’s attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

Sales tunnel – In business science a sales process describes an approach to selling a product or service. Tunnel signifies large (wide) number of leads at the beginning of the process and conversion to small number (narrow) of customers and a process of dripping down qualified leads thru each stage until conversion is complete.

AB testing – A/B testing is a methodology in advertising of using randomized experiments with two variants, A and B, if two different examples are published one with greater response rate wins.


Previously advertising was the only way to learn about products, salesperson was the sole source of information and they had a power in their hands. Today, because of easy access to, or ways to publish information, more people know about their options and all customers doing some type of research prior to making a decision. There are Youtube reviews about a products, Yelp reviews of businesses, Blog articles, Social media brand ambassadors, affiliates influencers, imagine some of the people providing reviews on products get money for each product sold if it came from their video. Seems good right?

There before information and knowledge obtained by businesses was considered to be competitive advantage and was hidden away, now is probably submitted in some shape or form already. Some of it for sure is low quality and what one would save in cash might have to spend in looking for credible source, but still renaissance of social learning provides unlimited value for ones submerged in technology. Share your wisdom sparingly, and customers will come to you. You just need to make sure that you will be seen as the best source of information for your target market, scale on which you will decide depending on you market and your vision for future of your business.




Now first of all this article/video suppose to be about Irish Marketing Campaigns, but I really struggled to find something that was still fresh, used digital space and was tested/approved the by the watchful eye of the “INTERNET”. So I mixed some campaigns from across the globe and will do better research on Irish Marketing Gems sometime later. Criteria to make this list was: it had to be really funny, silly or even a bit dumb, but in reality, making so much impact in terms of revenue, the viral effect and awards, that first part of the description becomes unimportant.

Terry Crews Old Spice

Old spice has been around for years and for many years have been successful and cash rich product for Proctor and Gamble. But as happens with many long, successful products, after some time customer base started simply to die out. I don’t know how marketing department talked senior management in go bananas with Terry Crews, but in the end it worked so well that entire campaign became a hit beyond advertising, and embedded firmly into the fabric of popular culture.




While searching the web I don’t limit myself with Google for number of years. Their rankings (for the fear of all online marketers) keep changing, search results change based on personal search history and in majority of times really good content is hidden somewhere deep. One of the tools I use to filter noise is buzzsumo.com and while playing around with different keywords I came across most shared (2.8 million times) LinkedIn article “How successful people stay calm” and could not resist to shorten the message and share the briliant peace of advice with my network. It also was interesting to test, was it content, concept or personal brand Dr. Bradberry that made such an impressive numbers. Even tho framework and the ideas are learned from this source, rest is my personal opinion outlined here for your education and entertainment. So how can you also be coping with stress like a successful person?

1. You need to appreciate what you have

One of tips for successful stress management would being grateful for something every single day. YouTubers SoulPancake carried out research which proved, that showing gratitude increased happiness levels for sample group. So in addition appreciating someone else’s achievements, we can start appreciating what we have (me included) even it is something small. There is always be someone richer, and always be someone poorer. Reminding yourself about something positive would create positive state of mind and would reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone), seems like a winner to me.

2. You need to stop asking “what if”

In most cases stress is caused by negative thoughts about a past, or due the skewed interpretation of future. I remember talking to a friend about choices he made in his life and how it did affected his present. Yet because of those choices he became that person he is with all the personal growth he accomplished. Future concerns are common, and I am guilty for over-thinking it too. Nobody knows the future and there is absolutely no valid reason to plan about it in negative way. It can even lead you to that negative outcome as you subconsciously make decisions leading to that outcome. Thinking “what if” will distract you from making correct decisions when its needed. Personally if I have to plan “escape route”, I ask myself “How I will” instead, it not only gives me sense of control but also provides solid creative solution to a problem.

3. You need to stay positive

Now every single time someone has a negative thought or a feeling stress hormone is released. More often it happens more easier it is to the body to come back to similar state. Neurons form links, which becomes clusters creating more clusters and making operation more efficient. Now it works in the opposite direction too. More positive emotions you have, more likely you are to stay in that state. There are number of ways to maintain positivity, I like to eat very good food, fix something, help someone. If you are really stuck exercise can be reliable quick fix. Did you ever noticed that after running or other exercise, day becomes a little bit better? Even if you experience stress, is not the end of the world, it is your bodies natural reaction to stimulus and you can also see it in positive light. Your body prepares you for challenge.

4. You need to Disconnect

Because of current available technology it is extremely difficult to stay disconnected from work. Constant emails bombard your inbox, phone is burning with text notifications, calls, missed calls, voice-mails. Now when at work or during weekdays it is impossible to switch off your phone. But simple off day on the weekend can positively change your your stress levels. Often I feel a need to get out of the city and even go camping. Waking up far away from the city with basic necessities, like cooker to have a morning espresso (I still need my luxuries) gives me total reset from all of the thing that worries me. When I come back, I am better myself. Also making fire and seeing instant results on my effort, watching flames play in the dark always put a big smile on my face.

5. You need to Limit Caffeine intake

Actually this is a hard one, I love coffee, and always try to squeeze cup or two every morning, but drinking too much will increase level of adrenaline, fight or flight hormone and may affect your rational thinking. It is ok to make fast decisions when it is actually needed, but in a common office environment it is not desirable. More subtle long term oriented approach to problems is required. And after every high comes massive low, known as, “caffeine crash”. So better leave coffee for allnighters.

6. You need to Sleep

Now here I have mixed feelings, from one side it is good to have a good sleep, but also it is good to have a habit to wake up early, currently my early is 7 am. There is even a “secret” 5 am club of people in all positions in life who stand by the insanely early morning. Explanation, they feel so much better being awake before anyone else. However sleep is necessary to regain strength for next day, hours by my opinion does not matter that much, as long as sleep is good, invest in blackout curtains, make sure there is no light source as it can inhibit sleep. I personally experiment with different ambient sounds, such as ocean, night forest, or rain.

7. You need to breathe

While completing my last year in University is often was surprised how calmer I was in comparison to some of my classmates. I actually had a secret hack. Whenever my exam stress was taking too much of my thoughts, I was rushing to my car and listen to visual imagining CD. In the beginning calm deep voice was asking to breathe deeply. Concentrate on breathing. Rhythmically, slowly, as every breath I took, was bringing new energy into my body and, every exhale was releasing all the problems I had. Focusing on something simple like breathing allowed me to forget about my worry and this 20 minute quick fix got me 2nd class honor just by being more tuned in.

8. You need to use your support system

Every single person on this earth needs someone to talk to. Successful or not human being needs someone to share their trouble with. I would love to become better listener, as it may be very likely for me to continue my career as a consultant. Listening to clients worries and concerns would make my clients feel better. This way making me a better at my job. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about your worries with my partner. Yet I have network of friends in same position or those who got similar problems in a past. It is beneficial to provide support for others, hormone released then supporting other acts as remedy for stress caused damage to oneself. Oxytocin is a hormone which fine tunes your brains social instincts. It primes you to do things that strengthens close relationships, it makes you seek support and tell someone. Either way you help or being helped your body releases it counteracting negative effects. But If nothing else is available on the spot, I would self support myself by writing it all down or to quote Jim Rohn – “Best place to solve problem is on paper”.