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Canva review, or why your grandpa can be your next graphic designer

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Canva review, or why your grandpa can be your next graphic designer

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3 Feelings & Emotions using the tool
3 Integration with other tools/Social Media platforms
4 Standout/Headline feature
4 Key Benefits + Pitfalls.

It seems everyone is doing social media or blogging these days. For a single person operation it means having to capture four or five different platforms. Add video post production, CEO and advertising management, content search, research and testing. You will agree that list is near infinite. So when tools provide shortcuts with somewhat professional graphics, I will take it without test-drive. We decided to give yet another Canva review to show how this tool could help your basic graphic design.

Installation process

not needed as it is web application

Ease of use – Grandpa level

Key Benefits + Pitfalls.

Best of Canva, at least by my subjective opinion, would be its speed watermarking. If you take time to create template, saving only takes two mouse clicks. And if you are graphically challenged, even better. You won’t be bothered by numerous limitations on options mediocre editors are used to having. If you are using Canva for business, growing collection of stock images at only $1 a piece (24 hour access) would save you more time in the end and will protect you from problems of copyright infringement. Designing with Canva is extremely easy, unnecessary options are hidden yet available once users become comfortable with the interface. And saving the best for last, Canva can be absolutely free.

limitations which I don’t expect to change in the immediate. Broadband offering in Ireland is not going to reach world average anytime soon, and the full tilt web based graphical editor would kill connection for an entire estate. Files are saved as PNG by default and takes up too much space for some applications (e.g. uploading banners) therefore it needs converting. Image search is not the best, and it is easier to find picture you want externally. Also I was expecting a Pinterest sharing option, as this is graphical content. Last issue I have is the inability of Canva to zoom which would be pretty handy especially when working with a4 graphics and above.

Standout/Headline feature

I really liked the pres-elected forms for most of social media headers and posts, this with my busy schedule is a godsend. Again I can’t emphasize enough how good Canva is for basic editing and social media entrepreneurs. Pre-designed templates can be used when time is scarce or inspiration is needed. Canva ease of use is the next best thing to controlling it with your thoughts.

Integration with other tools/Social Media platforms

Social Shares on Twitter and Facebook, really could do with Google drive integration, but I suppose nothing can be perfect. I was however testing one Facebook app tool and found Canva integration option, but so far that is all I have spotted.

Feelings & Emotions using the tool

Happy out in general, easy to get into the “ZONE” then doing repetitive work. However, sometimes frustrated when exported document appear different to ones on-screen or when the system hangs up.


Free for almost everything only costs are the stock photos, but upload option is available. Temporary owned (24 hours) $1 stock photos.

Competitor tools

Photoshop, LucidPress, Gimp, Google Docs.

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