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Burger King Ad that Borrowed the Internet

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Burger King Ad that Borrowed the Internet

We decided to check what happens on the internet in the real time (today) and play around with Google Trends. One of the Biggest stories right now is guerilla (I hope so) attempt by Burger King to hijack the internet. And how do you wake the entire jungle, you find the biggest bear in that jungle and start poking him with the stick. And this is exactly what Burger King did.

Campaign The Whopper Sandwich

“Burger King ad done in a way that it mess with Google’s voice-controlled speakers in viewers’ homes,” media says. Lot’s of bollocks I think, If your Google now is active, almost everything using word Google is activating Google Now. I was listening to SEO audiobook on Amazon, and every time narrator said Google, it activated itself. So I turned it off for the duration of the book. Saying that it was designed to feed the master plan or debate. What? I think media is just trying to hijack (See the connection) sticky idea and public fear of the big brother. And all to make more advertising money.

Burger King Stands behind the idea

“It’s a cool way, and a bold way, to surprise our guests,” said Jose Cil, president of the Burger King brand. The company believes the interaction will be “very positive,” he said. I think as everything online it will create two camps (read it with a monotonous tone) some will say it’s good and some will says it’s bad. Like every single piece of news in the world. For reference look at a recent US election.

All thanks to Wikipedia

I will try to find out who did this campaign for Burger King, mainly to see how they got their Wiki approved in a way it read out as an ad. I’ve tried submitting disguised pages but was always getting my pages canceled. The only reason this trick with AI was successful is a well-established Wiki page. Almost all bots use Wikipedia to answer simple questions. All of them, so please leave Google alone and blaming them for “the breach of security in our homes” Jesus, I recommend to search for headlines media groups use in this campaign. Well If writing about war doesn’t get views this might will. And guess which articles they promote when you land to the site. I cannot say it here so look it up.

Why the commotion?

Forgetting about a debate, which I hope everyone will, command was not necessarily good. Not scary, but I did exchange what I was thinking when Audible was triggering Google Now. After I realized I am shouting to a phone, I just simply turned it off. And the problem is solved. So many agencies are biting their nails right now for not coming up with this idea first. This campaign acts as proof that Google commands are better. Otherwise, someone would have messed with SIRI already. The entire campaign will generate so much earned PR dollars that very likely it could become the contender for the awards. If there are awards that that would have balls to upset some people.

Dear Programmers at Google

Here is another theory for you. Maybe agency responsible was also listening to the audiobooks and had same issues with now I had. And being that Google name used in almost all digital marketing books system kept setting off. The machine has a difficulty understanding what we say in new sentences but has a very easy job matching exact phrase with its database. Maybe personification of AI was intentional or more accessible to own copyright name or both, but the command was too familiar and too well defined in a database? Just give us custom commands and a bit of time to laugh off the conspiracy theorist for a couple of weeks, and we’ll be quit.

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