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3 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Your Blog Anymore



In short, search marketing, social media and blogs are sources of traffic to your website. In comparison to PPC, blogs are a cost-effective long term asset, whereas compounding blogs will bring new prospects, even after it’s justified its cost. The Main website has little flexibility in terms of design and marketing experimentation – blogs allow more flexibility to try new layouts and visuals. It also adds to SEO efforts and more efficient long-tail keyword targeting, As well as this, it adds to page rank and creates opportunity and reason to share information about your company. Below are the three main areas of the direct benefits of producing a consistent corporate blog.

1. Blogs as a testing platform

It can become a testing platform for website content. Coordinated blog could allow to test article length, positioning of the visuals and text flow, call-to-action in order to find what responds best with the target market. Through the introduction of SignUp forms, blogs will allow to track readers, contain clicks, popular topics, shares and comments. Experimenting with keywords and topics for the blog will show which are better to use for the main page. Nobody but customers knows how they search for your solution so there are no magic keywords to rank for SEO. Google actually penalizes for having too many keywords describing the content on the main page, and some keywords do not justify their cost for Ad-words due to high demand from other high volume advertisers.

2. Increase SEO efforts

Apart from doing back office SEO work on the main website, it is important to continue having new traffic visiting the site. Blogs are indexed right after it is linked to a credible website. Any social media share or RSS would do. It signals to Google that your company page is actively being updated. It improves page score for the landing page and host webpage. When you publish a new blog post there is greater opportunity to show up in search engines, and drive traffic to your website in an organic search. Coordinated blogs allow to re-target to other relevant articles on the website, keeping visitors for longer on the site, and positively affecting important bounce rate. The longer a visitor spends on the site after finding it with set keywords, the more relevant content within the website becomes to search engines.

3. Create Opportunity for sharing

Even if a company decides not to embark in social media marketing yet, well crafted blogs give an opportunity to introduce brands and products to the wider audience. Some articles will compound traffic over time in this way. I have a blog on LinkedIn about One Page of CRM, and it keeps getting new views even after it was published more than a year ago. It will allow your company to include a lead-generating call to action link at the end of the articles, (with value offer), in exchange for their personal information. It fits right at the top of the sales tunnell, and from there someone can follow up right away or keep feeding customer information, while warming the lead. Lead generation with blogs works 24/7, no bank holidays or working hour restrictions.

Supporting statistics

Even I would not like to use content marketing terminology just yet,  a lot of supporting research and data comes under this definition of blogging. In US almost 43.7 % of total population read blogs (E-Marketer), 31.1% said that authoritative blogs influence their purchasing decision Technorati). Hubspot surveyed 644 executives on business blogging, trying to compare it with a traditional source of lead generation. The average cost per lead using new age traditional form, (direct mail, PPC, telemarketing and trade shows), averaged 373 dollars per lead where inbound; (through blogging) leads costed 143 dollars.

Tell me how much

Maybe you have already realized, but this article is straight on shameless sales pitch. Most common question I get on meetings, how much would I have to pay? It all depends on how deep you want research to go. If it’s a general Google-based research it can range from 80-100 Euro to 150-170 Euro per piece, based on length of the article, the number of data points, graphical elements and additional mediums of informational output.

Yet the longer our relationship the more bang you will get for your buck. In order to proceed, we would need to set a plan for a number of articles and frequency, as it would finalize the figure. If the frequency is beyond current capabilities or you would require academy winner as your ghostwriter, that might need few adjustments. But don’t be shy and message me your inquiries for a free (Limited time only) quote.

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