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10 Professionals who must do #SWLimerick – Learn why you should do it too

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10 Professionals who must do #SWLimerick – Learn why you should do it too


I was  lucky enough to participate in startup weekend Limerick twice. First time as member of awesome virtual reality for visually impaired team. Second time after proclaimed most passionate presentation, had pleasure to lead brilliant team for my own smart helmet idea. Event in limerick is growing each time. Strategic cooperation between diverse mix of professionals, graduates and inventors for a weekend make UL for some crazy mind blowing experience.

First of all those who don’t know yet. Startup Weekend was created in 2007 by Andrew Hyde in Colorado when 70 entrepreneurs decided to launch a startup in 54 hours. Currently popular Global Startup Battle format was launched in 2011 during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Limerick event is performing so well that it slowly becomes the spot to go to for the startup community across Ireland and everyone curious about what it would be to work with a super smart team of engineers, marketing guru, designers and of course list continues. For the curious, I will share 10 different types of professionals who must come to this event, maybe you find yourself in the description, if not, create new article and spread the gospel of #SWLimerick.

Watch video if don’t feel like reading today

  1. Brain Picker

Learning from others is a very human thing, you have your expertise, and sometimes being good at something takes away from knowing some other areas that well. Sometimes it can even hinder your development, product or service development. If you come to #SWLimerick you are guaranteed to find someone s**t hot on any area you can imagine. But be prepared to give too, not because you have to, but one who gives shall receive more.

  1. Talent Scout

I had a chance and misfortune to do hiring myself and know how hard it is to find gems. One needs to dig plenty of dirt, even to get to moderate results. Also, many smart people sometimes are too much of the geek and do not shine that good in corporate style interviews. But imagine getting secretly watch them in their natural habitat, and see how well they work in teams, what roles they take and the results they get. All for a small price of the ticket to the event.

  1. Entrepreneur Star

Do you have this idea you were thinking about and need a ground to push it? Have not shown it yet to someone else and have not done anything else but dreaming? You have to come, because it might be your lucky day and in one place you will form a team, develop minimum viable product and possibly make connections to get funding. Did you know that eight out of ten participants actually form or become part of the startup?

  1. Co-founder Hunter

No man is an island, and business is a teamwork exercise. In #SWLimerick you can acquire knowledge you lack, get your counterbalance, your Wozniak or your Jobs. If you are looking for strategic partners that’s a great place too, creme de la creme of Midwest startup scene will be there and you definitely don’t want to be one who misses the party.

  1. Networking Machine

Do you go to all business  networking events and are kept meeting the same people? Do you know dog names of at least half of your networking group? You need a fresh gust of the wind and come to Castletroy for the weekend to get names and make friendships with businesses who do not follow but lead their markets. The door will be opened for you already, all you need is to enter.

  1. Tech Nerd

Hi, my name is Marius and I am a nerd… I know how seldom can one nerd out about their passions having group of people actually listen, bounce ideas without others secretly wanting to fill your mouth with glue. #SWLimerick is full of people wanting to learn, and exchange information, this is one of the main reasons, bringing a large bunch of brilliant people there and you will have your needs fulfilled

  1. Business Pro

Now you can either be business pro or be in a progress in becoming one, does not matter. Everyone knows that sharing your expertise is minimum good business karma and maximum you never know when you will need help, or when help will come to you. Groups and clusters are the single greatest catalyst for growth, in order to find or to be found, one needs to be in a place where you matter. You matter at #SWLimerick.

  1. Secret Investor

Got an eye for the next big thing? Keep a close eye, all finalists are worthy to become cash cows and make you some money. Some people are already dipping their toes and probably keep it to themselves. Ask yourself a question, why? Many entrepreneurs coming to event as participant, contributors and spectators have been on a way to a their blue chip fruition and it might be wise to see who  will be in the room or in a pub for a few afterwards. But psss… keep it a secret.

  1. Blogger Extraordinaire

As it becomes easier to learn how to publish and market content more more people are actually writing blogs. A bit more than a year ago I would not even think I would be writing myself and people would actually read it. But the hardest part is finding a voice and finding content that is interesting to the readers and it helps if others can see passion in your work. Because #SWLimerick involves so many different disciplines, all bloggers are welcome and would have something to add. And FYI startups are the topic at the moment.

  1. Super Student

Is your college or university is not challenging you enough, do you feel that your prodigy skills have to be shared with the world yet? Want to meet others alike, go on an intellectual binge? You must come. Are in society in your college? you must come. If you are your class, if you win a competition, you must come to this event. Just imagine how sweet it would look on your CV – 1st Place Startup Weekend Limerick.


I personally became fan of the event, and want to spread the word. Limerick became my home away from home and seeing brilliant young people changing the face of the city obliged me to do my part in making sure this November event will kick last events a*s. The diversity of the participants is what makes it unique,  Personally, I believe that everyone should attend or participate at least once, this experience is life changing, and you are guaranteed if you put your heart into it to come out different man or a woman.

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