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Video Production – Why Us?

We are not artists; we are advertisers who achieve set goals. Our videos may not go viral, but you can be sure that task given is completed. Creativity sometimes comes at a cost, it is pleasing to look at, but the viewer has no idea what is the next step. We serve only to our niche clientele and will bring your video to your target market as part of the deal if you allow us to cover your video production needs.

Why Video?

Videos are an engaging way of communicating your message to your target market. Is is more likely that videos will be watched in comparison to the static image ads and viewers more likely to buy from you if you have a video. One good video is the equivalent to 3000 web pages. Videos not only enhance your marketing but also improves your SEO rank and traffic to the website.

How we could start

Downloading a template could be the start of many steps of the project and can also help us save your time. The first project is a once off then subscription is required afterward. For the subscription, you could pick and choose what content is needed for your business in a given month.

Our Offerings

Display Adverting would promote video showing off your product or service. Video editing is covering sequencing, effects, music, and other elements to enhance overall look and feel of the content. Are you selling products or services online? Product and software reviews with the description, pros and cons, frustrations and overall feedback will allow your website become the best source of information about that product. We can migrate from written content to digital video if your company want to recycle research completed already.

Video Hosting

Video hosting services. Where will video clips be placed to allow embedding on your website? Do you know benefits and pitfalls of each platform? We will write your descriptions and edit your captions that will make your videos understandable to the search engines. Some of the options would be Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Video Types

What kind of video do you want to produce? The first answer we need to know before we get started.

1. Corporate Videos

One of the largest beneficiaries of this age of video production is Business. The use of video in this area has raised significantly in the last few years. The types of videos in this category include:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Webinars
  • Event Videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Company Culture Videos

2. Sales and Marketing Videos

It would be an understatement to say that the use of video in sales and marketing had transformed e-commerce. Never before has there been such an emphasis on the enrichment of static web content. The use of video content had proven to be successful in educating customers on a product or service and raising that goods value, increasing awareness or helping to make final decision to buy. Some Marketing Videos examples:

  • Marketing Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Video Reviews
  • Giveaways Videos
  • Customer Feedback Videos
  • Real Estate Walkarounds

3. Informational Videos

These videos give the viewers information on the specific subject. Maybe your webmaster is struggling to convert your traffic; maybe customer question became repetitive. Here are a few examples that we cover:

  • How-to videos
  • Video tips
  • Educational videos
  • Frequently asked questions

4. Entertainment Videos

Even we stated that we don’t do art ourselves, our partners have years of experience in creating engaging messages. Here are the types of video productions we cover for Entertainment:

  • Music Videos
  • Travel Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Documentary Videos
  • Interviews


Same as a carpenter is nothing without tools we also depend greatly on benefits each piece of equipment brings to the production. Some examples of the tools we to cover a broad range of your needs such as:

  • Teleprompter – forget about memorizing the text
  • Crane Jib – perfect for dramatic reveals
  • Video Lights – forget about noisy footage
  • Camera Stands – each designed to serve different purpose)
  • Camera Drone – HD areal footage at your fingertips
  • Pro-Level Sound Recorders – sound is as important as footage itself
  • Camera – full HD quality ready for color grading