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Benefits of Email Marketing

Why Us?

We are not artists, we are advertisers who achieve your goals. Our marketing may not go viral but it gets results. Marketing automation not long time ago was only accessible to large enterprises. Now almost any company can use the benefit of working a lead into a customer by simply investing into automated emails that work 365 days a year. No public holidays, no sick days no human error.

Why Email Marketing?

In its vast sense, most emails sent to a customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send adverts, request business, or leads or sales or donations, and to build loyalty, assurance, or brand attention. The main difference between sending separate emails in large quantities is an immense risk of being labeled as a spam email sender. Additionally, no data is present to perfect messages and user flow.


How we could start

Downloading a template for our emails could be the start of many few steps of the project that can also help us save not only yours but our time also. The first project is a once off, subscription is required afterward.


Our Offerings

We could provide you with a copy used sending emails to future clients and customers using lead capture forms linked to your website. Do you have a large mailing list that never been used? We can help you with that too. 

Some examples of Email Marketing copy – Newsletters, Catalogues and Video Email, Press releases,  Invitation and Survey Emails and Thank You Emails to enhance your over-all customer experience and adding to the company website traffic and raising brand awareness. Most of the lost sales occur because your previous customers have forgotten that you are offering the service they need.


Email Marketing Types

What type of Email Marketing do you want to send out? The first question we need to know before we get started. Here are the main types:


1) Newsletter Email


Newsletters inform customers of current promotions, products, services, sales and the newest offerings. Emails are more than a sales tool, they help develop a long-term relationship with readers. The newsletter should provide the recipient with valuable information, which proves that it is more than just sales. It will contain information that educates, entertains or otherwise aids to the positive brand association.


2) Catalog and Video Email

Catalogue email marketing is much like a newsletter but focuses on images, videos, and descriptions with prices, rather than informing through the use of short dialogues. The emails can be compared to hard copy book catalogs sent in the mail, but they don’t require major investment. Video emails is another form of email marketing that is a hybrid of newsletter advertising and catalog marketing combining multiple types of information readily available to the recipient depending on their media consumption needs. In some cases email is too cumbersome to read, audio file can be played while driving or exercising. 


3) Press Release Email

Press releases emails are a great marketing tool used by most small businesses. A press release is more than likely associated with paper printing publication, such as newspapers and trade magazines, but can be used by small businesses to talk with customers, letting them know of a new item or promotion. Press releases focus on one message and are made to educate readers and entice them to come visit the business online or store. Have you succeeded with your print press release recently? Email campaign could help you get additional benefits from the campaign.


4) Invitation and Survey Email

Invitation email sends requests to the readers to take action in coming to an event or sales offer. Invitation email can be a powerful marketing tool to get customers into the retail store or visit a business online website on a specific date and or time to take advantage of the offer. Why additional benefits you ask? It is a small price to pay for a fully trackable performance. Survey email is also interactive, engaging customers to give feedback that can be reviewed and used to check the quality of your customer service. Survey emails are used generally to award some form of small reward to the participant, such as a coupon. 


5) Thank-You Email

The Thank you email comes from good customer service, thank-you marketing emails are nice and compelling and rewarding to participants. Customers feel valued when a company takes time to reply to their experience and ensure that all expectations were met. The emails will be made especially to the consumer and include current and future offers, along with a small token of acknowledgement, such as discounts on the next purchase.