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Why Blog?

There are many benefits of blogging as it provides traffic related to information about a certain topic. The main reasons are:


1) It helps bring traffic to the website.


By typing keywords or article name into the browser they are directed straight to the website. If the content on the page is good they are more than likely come back or stay within the website finding more related blog posts. If readers share your blogs, it will benefit organic search within your geographical area.


2) Helps convert this traffic into leads.


Each person that comes to the site are raising the chance of creating a new lead and this can be done naturally as a visitor could fill out and submit a form strategically placed on the page.


3) It gives long-term results


The blog post will always remain on the search engine so for days, months and years to come it will continue to direct traffic and leads reusing the copy of that blog post.

 reasons to use blogs for your digital marketing

Why Choose Us?

With 2 Fair Info we can provide enhanced research not only using Google search engine but books and documentation from the libraries. We can edit and enhance your blogs with our particular skills and even create video content and audio content to increase site ranks and site performance.


Types Of Blogs

Personal: This is the largest category and includes blogs about private or personal topics like politics, food, music, family, holidays, health everything.


Business: Professionals ranging from business tips to lawyers to brokers are using WordPress to share their experiences and expertise. Companies have recently discovered the strength of blogs to engage with their customers.


Schools: WordPress is used for teachers and students to collaborate on classroom projects and to find out further information on a subject.


Politics: Blogs about the political parties, government, and activists using our blogs to connect with their group of voters.


Military: Members of the army blog to report what they see happening in various areas of the world and mainly to stay in contact with their family.


Private: Some people make their blogs private to share their feelings, photos and information between families, businesses, or schools.


Sport: We’ve got professional soccer players, athletes, and thousands of fans using blogs to share their love for various sports.


How-to and reviews: Most of the blogs that share how to tips and reviews about computer games, crafting, music, books, movies, internet and so on.