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5 Crazy and successful marketing campaigns
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5 Crazy and successful marketing campaigns



Now first of all this article/video suppose to be about Irish Marketing Campaigns, but I really struggled to find something that was still fresh, used digital space and was tested/approved the by the watchful eye of the “INTERNET”. So I mixed some campaigns from across the globe and will do better research on Irish Marketing Gems sometime later. Criteria to make this list was: it had to be really funny, silly or even a bit dumb, but in reality, making so much impact in terms of revenue, the viral effect and awards, that first part of the description becomes unimportant.

Terry Crews Old Spice

Old spice has been around for years and for many years have been successful and cash rich product for Proctor and Gamble. But as happens with many long, successful products, after some time customer base started simply to die out. I don’t know how marketing department talked senior management in go bananas with Terry Crews, but in the end it worked so well that entire campaign became a hit beyond advertising, and embedded firmly into the fabric of popular culture.

Lucozade Energy 2014

To tell that campaign was a success one needs to run it by checklist: did it increased sales and kept the finance department happy, did campaign became viral, e.g. how many eyeballs were paid and how many were organic, third how long it took for a credible organization blindly copycat entire concept. Lucozade’s “what it is you ask…” campaign scored high on all three and made the likes of BBC to copy them for at least one of their series without any feeling of guilt.

Ice bucket challenge

In the age of user generated content leading many successful startups, and even giants such as Coca Cola bidding high on crowd inventiveness, to fill creative vacuum, it is no wonder that at least one aim of the ice bucket challenge was achieved. The entire world knows about Lou Gehrig’s disease. Does everyone knows know what it does, maybe not, did it raised money as much as raised awareness, maybe. But if non profit comes up with such an addictive idea: I can only invite you all to stand up and applause. Simply, bravo.

Ship my Pants – KMart

Using words to trick us into our naughty side is nothing new in marketing, or advertising, or entertainment. But it is rare to meet marketing campaign objective in four words and keep viewers guessing for a moment “did I just hear that word on national TV”? Ship my pants brought back fun to a boring subject of online shopping, and made sure that we all now you can “Ship your everything” for free from Kmart.com.

Dumb Ways to Die

Numerous studies have proven that then bringing negative message, such as “if you jump under the train you will die”, in a negative manner it can lose effectiveness. Satirical and almost comical approach created for Metro Trains Melbourne “Dumb Ways to Die” had a way bigger impact. The campaign included a number of options to pass on the message, YouTube videos and mobile games, funny characters and very catchy song. Where we can forgive for a character, maybe to be inspired by Happy Tree Friends, campaign scored 18th in prestigious Warc 100 of the World’s best marketing campaigns in 2015.


This list does not represent my complete taste, different project allows varied breathing space for creativity and sometimes objectives require different emotions to be evoked. But if client brand allows going tastefully “Bananas” it can be fruitful and execution table would be swapped for Trone in a split second. In the end marketers only predict what consumers want, and the market tells what is good and bad.

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